Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Sky

So far this fall, we have been provided with some amazing sunsets in DC. This one was so awesome I had to run up to the roof to take some photos. The sky was on fire 360 degrees. I love the the fact that there were others up there on the roof taking a break from life and just enjoying the sunset and looking in awe at God's beauty.

The Washington Monument is under repairs (it cracked and had some issues resulting from the earth quake a couple of years ago), but I think it actually looks pretty cool with all the scaffolding.

^^^This is looking down toward Alexandria with the Masonic Temple on the left. Every color of red, pink, and orange was in the sky that night.

^^^Looking across at Arlington.

I hope the people in that airplane taking off from Reagan were looking out the windows. Pretty amazing stuff right? It's nice to be able to take a break from the hustle of life and feel God giving you a big hug when you look at something like this. 

We went apple picking yesterday and enjoyed the crisp fall air. Zara liked trying to climb the trees, but most of all she just liked sucking on apples and being with our friends who make her feel very well loved. Photos coming soon. 


Barb said...

These photos are unreal!

charity eyre wright said...

eli are you kidding me? this is amazing. i would like to order one such sunset for when i am there thanksgiving-time.
love you!

bostonshumways said...

my word! beauty! You've got the eye eg.

Linda said...

Positively spectacular!

Patricia Carter said...

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Suzan Baker said...

That's a really beautiful and colorful sunset. I just love it.
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