Sunday, March 27, 2011

13.1 for Julie

I mentioned this in the last post. But now it is legit. Julie ran a half-marathon yesterday! After pretty nice weather here over the last few weeks, it was conveniently about 30 degrees and freezing at 6:30 in the morning when I took Julie to the starting point for the National Marathon. She totally dominated and finished ahead of the goal that she had set for herself. This is a testament to what I wrote about Julie in the last post. When she puts her mind to something, it happens. It was awesome to see her stick to her training schedule and make it happen. Here are a few photos from yesterday. I wish I could have taken photos of her during the race, but I failed to do so.

Here she is right after the finish with this awesome foil blanket thing they gave out to keep everyone warm. You can see the thousands of people that were there behind her. There were 15,000 runners.


I made Julie put on her medal that she got for finishing and sport it for some photos.


Maybe next year I will be man enough to run it with her. Ya, that’s right, she “ran through history” …not really sure what that means but it sounds cool. Julie rules.

P.S. it snowed here this morning. Then it was like 50 and sunny a couple of hours later. DC weather is weird. It is so beautiful here right now though…an explosion of spring everywhere you look.

Second P.S. I promise I am going to post the photos this week from the second half of our trip to India. I finally had time to dive through all of them this week and get them organized. Now I just need to get them on here, so come back soon.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

ni ju go (25)

India 061

Hey Everyone! 

Today is Julie's 25th birthday! She is celebrating by working from 7am to 7pm at the hospital! Wahoo! Bless her heart.

I know Julie loves it when everyone talks about her, so I thought I would start out. Ha.

I just wanted to tell you all a few things that I love about Julie, then if you guys want, you can respond with things you like/memories of Julie.

1. Julie is dedicated. When she does something...she is all in. I wish I could watch her at work each day. Though it is about the toughest job there is; it makes me smile to think of her there dedicated to kids dealing with cancer and other issues. I know her smile and ability to connect with kids brings so much light into the lives of her patients and their families. She just connects with kids. I wish you could have seen her in India with the kids at Rising Star (see pic above). Holy cow is she ever going to be an incredible mother!

2. Julie is determined. Again, when she puts her mind to something...she makes it happen. On Saturday, she is running a half-marathon as part of the National Marathon. I was going to do it with her, but totally wussed out (some excuse about my knee hurting after a certain distance). Even if it means getting up at 4:30 to train before heading to a 12 hour shift...she's dedicated, and she's going to dominate. She's probably really happy with me telling everyone she is running it.

3. Julie got up at 4:30 this morning to make her Strawberry Pie for her birthday. I offered to make it, but she doesn't trust me. "Eyres are not pie people" she says. Isn't that awesome?

4. People like Julie. She is just easy to get along with, whether it is her co-workers, her friends from college, friends from the ward here, or the concierge at our building, you can tell people just genuinely like her. You are probably nodding as you read this.

5. Julie adapts. I am weird. I have quirks. She has adapted to me and been willing to take on my passions and understand me: the Jazz, architecture, photography, tennis, technology, cars etc. I love that about her. She takes what is important to me, and finds a way to make it important to her as well.

6. Julie adapts, but she also is not one to be messed with. Julie knows what she stands for and there is no way she will back away from her standards and morals. I am so excited for my kids to have that example in their mother.

7. Julie has an awesome sense of humor, and a contagious laugh. Just get her in a laughing mood and you are toast.

8. Julie has an incredible sense of style. She is creative. There is no such thing as too much color or too many different colors when it comes to Julie. I love that about her; she's always knockin my socks off.

9. Julie loves life. She loves adventure. She drinks in new culture and surroundings. I love how excited she gets about new ideas, cultures, concepts etc. For example, she drinks in the culture in India, and then the first thing she does when she gets home is download the autobiography of Gandhi.

10. Julie is perfect for me. She makes me who I am, she believes in me, and she loves me unconditionally. I couldn't ask for more.

Happy Birthday Jules!! I love you.


Sunday, March 06, 2011

Finally India.

I apologize for the delay on these photos. Going through 1300 photos was daunting and we have been quite busy, lame excuse I know. But might I just say that Julie and my lives were impacted forever through this trip. It was something I have wanted to do my whole life, then all of the sudden within about three weeks from the minute we heard about the trip, we were on a plane on our way there. Before we left, we spoke with family and friends who had been to India in the past. They described it as “indescribable” – I was like “huh, how can something be indescribable?” – then we went to India and figured out exactly what I meant. India is a giant slap in the face or people, culture, smells (good and bad), beauty, poverty, smiles, bobbling heads, humility, happiness, light, overly crowded everything, history, spirit… I think I could keep this list going for pages. Really though, India is indescribable. You have to see it to believe it. I loved the people. They are so genuine, so happy, so intriguing, so faithful, so eager to learn, and eager to share. They just seemed happy and content with making the best of what they have been dealt in this life.

What made the trip even more amazing/special is that we (Julie and I) got to go to India with some our favorite people in the world…my brother Noah and his wife Kristi. With those guys, every minute is an adventure – you’re either thinking, how the heck did we get in this place, or crying because you are laughing so hard.

As has become my custom with big trips, I am going to split this into 3 posts: Part 1. Rising Star Outreach Part 2. Jaipur, Agra, and Delhi, and Part 3. Dubai. Otherwise I think I would bore you to death with all the photos I am going to put up here. This way, you’ll get your blogocation – but it will be in palatable amounts, instead of a 10 pound burger.

Part 1. Rising Star Outreach (

Rising Star is what brought us to India. This is a fantastic organization, that we’ve had the opportunity to hear a lot about over the last couple of years. Two years ago, Julie and I (along with my parents) went to a Rising Star fundraiser hosted by the Utah Jazz. Then last year, a couple of my siblings spent extended periods of time at the Rising Star School in Southern India. One of the great parts of Rising Star is the school. They bring children in from surrounding Leprosy Affected Colonies and give them an education. Were it not for Rising Star, these kids would be outcasts and untouchables – destined for a life of begging (I am not being dramatic here, that is the case). Because of their parent’s health, they (the kids) become outcasts. This school was created to bring these kids in, give them an education, and exponentially increasing their chances of breaking the cycle by educating them and preparing them to get a job and succeed in life. The ability to speak fluent English (without a heavy accent) is a key aspect of this process.

That is where Imagine Learning came into the conversation. Imagine Learning Inc. is the company that Noah, Tal, and I all work for. Imagine Learning’s software program is used in schools across the US and around the globe to help kids learn English (language and literacy). The program is used by ESL students, Special Ed Student, kids that are struggling to read on grade level etc. The leadership of Rising Star heard about Imagine Learning, and asked that Imagine Learning donate the software so that these fantastic students could learn to speak fluent English.  Noah took this one by the horns,  and asked Imagine Learning to help – they were as excited as we were and immediately said yes. They have a beautiful computer lab at Rising Star that was donated by the Dell Foundation – but there wasn’t a lot going on in there.  By the time we left the school, the lab was packed all day long as students rotated through to do their daily session on Imagine Learning English.

The first week of January, Noah and I were together at a conference for Imagine Learning and he was telling me that Imagine Learning had just agreed to donate the software. Right then and there I thought to myself, “why the heck aren’t you going too dummy?” – I asked Noah what he thought, and he was all about it. So I called Julie and said, “Hey, you want to go to India in two and half weeks?” – she of course thought I was kidding, then she thought I was crazy when I told her how serious I was. When else were we going to get to go to India with Noah and Kristi and work with this great organization. After a little explanation – Julie was as excited as I was. So she spent the next week frantically pleading with other nurses to take her shifts (you have to sign up for vacation like 6 months out at the hospital where Julie works, so our only hope was finding people to take her shifts). Thanks to some VERY kind co-workers of Julie's who understood this great opportunity, she was able to get all of her shifts filled and it was ON!

That is how we got to India. I love it when life is like that – how just all the sudden you are doing something you only dreamed would ever happen. Serendipity as my dad would say (that mixed with some luck and craziness).

I flew out to LA and met up with Julie who was already out there for a gathering with all the sisters/sister in laws and my mom or the Eyre fam for a get together. We all jumped on a plane at LAX and were on our way to Chennai, India. The flight was wicked long. 16 hours. Whoa. Luckily it was a flight that had quite a few empty seats so we could spread out a bit. We slept and watched a lot of movies that day or night or whatever it was.

We got to Chennai after a stopover in Dubai. It was 2:30 in the morning. I will never forget walking out of the plane, and then out of the airport. As we went through security screening of our checked luggage – someone pulled me aside and asked for another look at one of the bags I had. This bag was full of about 30 headsets for the kids to use on the computers with Imagine Learning. They ran the bag through the scanner and asked me what in the world was in the bag. I told them they were headsets. We were in a bit of predicament as we were there as “tourists” on our visas, not as volunteers as that makes the process take much longer. I decided to just be honest with the guy and tell them that they were for a school that we were donating them to – as opposed to trying to explain why I needed 30 headsets for my time in India. He kind of looked at me in disbelief, and then walked me over to his manager who then asked me the same question. I told him again that we were donating them to a school. He looked at me for a while and then said “You are not  supposed to bring more than a couple of these into the country, but since you told me you are giving them to a school, I am going to close my eyes, and my colleague is going to do the same, and you are going to walk past us and take these headsets to the school.”  I kind of looked at him like “what?” and he just motioned for me to walk past. It was like we were in a movie or something. Right off the bat, I knew I was going to like the Indian people. We picked up the bag and headed out of the airport.

India 006

The place was packed with people and it was the middle of the night. I quickly learned that cities in India are crowded all the time. We walked out of the airport to the smell of India – mixture of spice/burning garbage/gasoline and people. We were swarmed by people asking if we wanted a taxi – after a while we finally got a hold of our hotel and they sent someone to pick us up at about 3am.

India 008 

The next morning after an awesome breakfast buffet, we jumped in a van along with some other volunteers that were headed to the school and headed to Rising Star. It was light outside and we really saw India for the first time. My first sight on the road was a guy running along side an overcrowded bus and then jumping on the side, grabbing the window bar and then clung to the side of the bus (like Marty McFly on Back to the Future except no skateboard) and rode off. It was awesome. Riding in the cars/buses and people watching was like my favorite thing in India. Packed buses, rickshaws, trucks cruising around – no real lanes, just everyone smashed into the little road trying to get to where they were going. In the middle of all of this were countless motorcycles and bikes, most with more than a couple people cruising around on them. Families of 4 just cruising along on a motorcycle like it was nothing out of the ordinary.

India 004India 005India 010India 014India 015

After a 2 hour or so drive. We stopped at one of the Leprosy Affected Colonies to drop off a couple of the volunteers. We met some amazing people there, one of which was an Austrian guy and his wife who had started an art school there in the colony. He taught the Leprosy Affected how to paint, and let me tell you, their art was amazing. This guy lives there in the colony like 4 months out of the year, then takes the art work back to Europe to sell it as form of fundraising for the colony and his school. These are some of the awesome people we met at the art school.

India 017India 021India 024

This is the Austrian guy I was talking about.

India 026                          India 028

This was the sweetest little old lady. She had the highest voice you’ve ever heard (kind of like when you breath in helium and then talk).

India 029

We then headed the rest of the way to Rising Star. The location of Rising Star is so beautiful. It is out in the countryside, surrounded by deep green rice paddies and palm trees. Rising Star has done an incredible job building a beautiful campus there.

India 180

Just outside the front gate are these beautiful paddies.

India 178

Front of the school.

India 179

Back of the school (below).

India 121

I will never forget what happened next. We went out to back of the school (open field area) where the kids were just coming out for recess I think. All of the sudden we were surrounded with the sweetest, most beautiful, bright eyed, happy kids in the world. They were SO excited to see us, and we were SO excited to see them. They all remembered Tal and Anita and Charity…constantly saying “you’re Tal’s brother?” over and over. They were so excited that we knew those guy (Tal, Anita, and Char), they definitely left a legacy at Rising Star. Anyway, just seeing the light in their eyes and talking and laughing with them there in the middle of India is an image I will forever have in my head. Those kids are just amazing.

India 036India 037India 039India 043

We spent the next few days there at Rising Star. Combining spending time and playing with the kids with the installation and set up of Imagine Learning. We had a great training with the teachers and got them all filled in on the program and using it. Luckily the installation went perfectly (there lab was amazing – better than a lot of labs in the schools I see here in DC!). The teachers were very bright and picked things up quickly. We got the kids on the program, and another thing I will never forget is their faces and seeing how excited they were when they got on the program for the first time.

India 107India 113

I loved watching them and seeing their engaged determined faces. And then hearing the occasional giggle or shriek of excitement.

India 125India 222India 228

India 015-2

Part of the training that we did for the teachers. The woman on the far right is one of the house mothers (that lives with the kids in their dorms there) and one assistant computer lab coordinator), next to her is Nayeem (the one who is in charge of the lab and the tech guru for the school. Nayeem is awesome and so excited about the program; he will be a fantastic facilitator of Imagine Learning there. Next to him is Celina – the principal of the school. She has been there for like 8 months and just comitted to be there for another year. She is awesome. Such a powerful influence for good and success at the school. She might have been the most excited about Imagine Learning. Next to her is one of the volunteers there for a few months and helping out as a tutor in the lab for the kids.

India 137

After the first night of use, Celina was excited to sit with us and go through the reports. Just FYI, Imagine Learning pre-assesses each student and then creates an individualized curriculum for each student so they basically have a tutor helping them in the areas they need it most until they are full on readers and speakers. All of their progress is tracked an always available in reports. Here, Noah is showing them how to generate and use the reports to help the students.

India 010-2

There was even a documentary team there that week. Here they are interviewing Noah about Imagine Learning and how we partnered with Rising Star.

We had the chance to read with the kids, play with them, talk with them, eat with them, see them dance and sing, just got live their lives along with them for a few days. I wish we could have stayed there for weeks. The other volunteers, along with the family that lives there full time to run the school were so great too. Each night, we’d all gather on the roof of the building where the volunteers stayed. We’d eat amazing curries, fruit, red rice, breads etc. off of banana leaves and share our “highs, and lows” of the day. It was so cool to hear from all of the people that had brought their various expertise to come to the school and contribute. It really put things into perspective for me. What is important in life? It’s so easy to get caught up in the every day “gotta make money, gotta get this, gotta get that.” There are some truly amazing people in this world, and many of them were there at Rising Star with us that week.

India 108India 110

India 034

Eating in the cafeteria with the kids. They know how to eat!

India 033                           India 044

These kids LOVED Julie. Seriously.

India 057

India 061

We found Aniston’s (our neice) long lost sister in India. She seriously looks just like Ana.

India 073India 079

I was having a hard time with this guy’s name. So finally he just whipped out a pen and wrote it on his arm for me. Some of their names were tough to remember!

India 074India 082

It was like Richard Eyre circa 1992 in Romania. 

India 065

This little girl was convinced she could pull his finger off too.

India 067-2

Noah, the magic trick master…had these boys going non-stop. They loved his magic skills.

India 088

Each night before bed, the kids sit on the grass and read and pray together.

India 096

The kids were working on a special dance for a fund raiser being held in Chennai later that week.

India 105

We got to see all the kids dressed in their best and sing Indian songs  for National Day.

India 144

This boy was dropping off his little sister for school. Look at the size of the bike in comparison to him…they were both riding on it.

India 186

Each morning before school they gather in the field to repeat the pledge of allegiance (I think) and sing the Rising Star Song.

India 220

Dinner on the roof.

India 174India 175India 177

We got to see the “Star Store” that was started by Tal and Anita. The kids were having issues with ownership, learning to care for things etc. So Tal and Anita came up with the idea that kids are rewarded in “stars” for everything from good behavior, to helping, to doing homework etc. When the accrue stars, they can take them to the store and buy everything from school supplies, to clothes, to the opportunity to eat dinner at the directors home with their family. It was amazing to see that the store was going stronger than ever and hear from the directors and administrators of the school that it was one of the best things that every happened to the school. The kids now took ownership. When they bought something that they had worked for, suddenly it was worth MUCH more to them. This is a lesson they’ll take with them through the rest of their lives.

India 170India 050India 049India 052

The store is run by the older students; they have a register of all the students and how many stars they have/have used. Really cool.

India 054

Here is one of the girls Vijayalakshmi (amazing name) holding her card that tracks her stars.

India 113-2

One day we had the chance to go into another one of the colonies to assist the medical team in treating the Leprosy affected there. Another experience that will never be forgotten. When I think of Leprosy I think of the time of Christ. Here we were in 2011 seeing this thousands of year old disease that I assumed didn’t exist anymore. It was so fun to listen in as Julie talked with the Rising Star doctor and learned about the disease and how they treat it. Julie had the opportunity to put some of her nursing skills to work. We even had the opportunity to help clean and dress the wounds. Again, I was struck with how special these people are. Struck with a terrible disease, yet smiling and happy still.

India 021-2India 023India 031India 032

Another day, we had the chance to walk into the village that was close by Rising Star. One of the cooks/helpers at Rising Star invited us to come an see her home. The home was complete with a small shrine, and a room for their cow to sleep in.

India 157India 215India 206

It was a sad day when we got up at 3 in the morning to head back to Chennai to fly up to Northern India. I really hope we’ll get a chance to go back to Rising Star again someday. I hope we can take our kids there someday – hopefully by that point, theses schools will be all over India. To be there with these kids, to look into their souls and know that they are my brothers and sisters. For whatever reason, I was born in the US, they were born in total poverty in India – yet they are SO happy. They were such a special example to us. It was so special to experience this with Julie. And to be there with Noah and Kristi. An unforgettable experience.

I will leave you with the faces of Rising Star. You’ll see what I mean when I say they are absolutely beautiful and full of light.

India 049-2India 056India 058India 059India 061-2India 062India 063India 067India 070India 076India 082-2India 084India 090India 098India 100India 101India 134India 138India 158India 208

Come back in the next few days to hear about Part 2. Jaipur, Agra, and Delhi.