Saturday, May 02, 2009

Eli is even better than Harry Potter

I have officially hacked into eli's blog for the first time to tell you what a guy he is. Sometimes he thinks i love harry potter more than him, but for the most part that just isn't true. Now you must know that I have no desire to be mushy (holding hands in public is hard for us), but just say a few wonderful things about this guy I have come to love more and more over the last year. I have never been more streched in my life since getting married, but it has been so worth it. I have learned more about myself and have come to realize that I am not as easy going as I thought. So lucky to have a guy that is so patient (except when the Jazz lose) and is continually looking out for me. Anyone who knows eli can testify without a doubt that he is faithful till the end and I have witnessed that day after day.

So here are a couple great things about eli: passionate, holy cow, up until last week, I was begging anyone in disagreement that the Jazz were going to win in the NBA finals (99.9% of the population) to please keep it to themselves. Next, loyalty, he truly cares and defends anyone he meets. Positive. If you are down he is the first person to cheer you up. He stretches me when I don't think things can be done and I am always amazed at his will. Loving. He has a huge heart and think constantly about others. Pretty sure he got that from his amazing mother. Patient, waiting in Provo for two extra years says it all. Adventurous. Oh my, sometimes i think back on the things I have agreed to do with him and I can't believe it (climbing to the top of a 60 story building when I am afraid of heights etc). Man I am pretty sure I would be so boring without him. Hot come one look at that picture and you can't deny it. ever seen a picture with of him with his glasses and buck teeth? Undeniably cute. Persistent. when he wants something he does it. Last year he wanted to live in New York and he found a way.

Life is just better with him.period.
loveyouE. first song for you. happy 1st!