Monday, March 23, 2009


A few years ago, my family started the tradition of emailing the things they love most about someone on the day of their birthday. Not everyone gets the email, but everyone needs to know how incredible Julie is in my eyes. I am not really into the cheesy blogger lists, but Julie is an exception to my rule.

The more I get to know Julie, I realize more and more how lucky I am. Here are a few things that I love about my girl:

222. Julie is extremely personable, no matter where we go, or who we meet with she always leaves a wonderful and lasting impression.
For an example of this, think of the first time you met Julie.

223. Julie is beauty...she knows how to dress...she can mix 32 different colors into one outfit and she looks so good doing it. More than that though when she smiles it lights up the room.

224. Julie is deep. Sometimes she asks me questions that I have a hard time thinking about cause they are so deep they've never crossed my mind.

225. Julie's sense for adventure is incredible. She is always up for something new. She'll move to New York and live in a little tiny apartment in the heat, she'll listen to a time share presentation with me to get free tickets to Sea World, she'll try just about anything.

226. Julie is wicked smart. I am pretty positive I would have flunked out of the BYU nursing program about 6 times by now. But Julie on the other hand does it with one eye shut and still gets straight As. She'll get mad at me for saying that, but crykee she is smart.

227. Julie is determined. When she sets her mind to happens. Because of that she won't be stepped on or told what to do along the way. I love the touch of fiestiness that she holds, it keeps me on my toes.

228. Julie is REALLY good at remembering where I put my wallet, keys, and cell phone. I tend to lose them a lot, and she always just smiles and helps me remember where I left them.

229. Julie is a really good cook. I never liked pie until I met Julie, now...I love...unless its Rhubarb that stuff is nasty. Really though, she decides she wants to try to cook something, she googles it, and she makes a magnificent meal.

230. Julie is athletic. She can pick up a tennis racket, lacrosse stick, basketball and look really good playing the sport in a matter of minutes.

231. Julie is hot.

232. Julie has a testimony like a rock. I love having her to help me understand the gospel and share her insights with me as she reads.

233. Julie is a great friend. She is about the most loyal and caring friend there is. I love getting to know her friends and hearing from them how much they adore her.

234. Julie makes me better. She makes me happy. I can't wait to see and experience the things we do and the places we go together.

I love you so much Julie. Life just keeps getting better with you. Have the Happiest Birthday and enjoy your day of a Nursing Professionalism Conference, a cooking class, and an entrepreneurial lecture class!


Sunday, March 22, 2009


that's backwards for orlando. last week I was in DC for work and had to go straight from there down to orlando for a conference. So we got Julie a ticket to fly down and meet me for the weekend. Julie had been making a lot of comments about the never ending winder and I figured that 80 degrees would suit her fancy. So she got to hang out by the pool in the sun all day while I was at the conference. In the evening we'd enjoy the warm evenings, the pool, and explored Disney's Empire aka Orlando. Holy Cow does Disney ever have a choke hold on that place.

We had a good old time full of unexpected awesome things. Like for example, on day we drove out to the coast, and it just so happened that there was a spaceship taking off that night! So we hung out at the beach for a while then went and watched a space shuttle take off. That is one of those things that I have always wanted to see and somehow we were there on the right night and got to see it. It was so cool. Pretty crazy that there are these people strapped to seats that get shot into space by rocket power. The Discovery was going to the International Space Station to drop a Japanese guy off who is going to live there for a while, and to bring some solar panels for the work that they are doing on the station. It was just one of those things where you think to yourself "did I just see that.

We tried to get in here to see it real close, but apparently we didn't fit the description and the guard didn't believe that I was late and supposed to be on the ship...and that was as far as we got.

Orlando - March 09 002

So we drove down the road a bit to the place where the space nerd bloggers said was the best place to watch. Here are a few pics of the launch.

Orlando - March 09 012 Orlando - March 09 016 Orlando - March 09 022 Orlando - March 09 024 Orlando - March 09 028

Orlando - March 09 033 Orlando - March 09 030 Orlando - March 09 046

Orlando - March 09 044

I just liked this place where we ate while waiting for the shuttle to take off. Didn't luck out and get any NASCAR though. I guess that is a draw for people...cause you probably want a great picture on the TV while you watch cars for 5 hours.

Orlando - March 09 006

One of the days we took a trip down to Tampa to go to Busch Gardens which could very easily also be called WT Gardens (short for white trash). Something about those places (amusement parks) they attract a certain breed. I guess it would be pretty exilerating to drink a bud light while waiting in line for a crazy roller coaster. I mean those things make my head spin and I am totally sober. If you were a little buzzed it would be psychedelic, either that or you would probably be more inclined to lose your lunch. Anyway, there were some pretty cool roller coasters, mixed in with the African theme and all sorts of cool wildlife. It was kind of like a big zoo with roller coasters. Not too many people equated to short lines and we had enough coaster rides to last for a couple years.

Orlando - March 09 061 Orlando - March 09 062

So while we are at Busch Gardens I decided that even though Julie had been to Sea World a lot in San Diego, that we were going to go to Sea World the next day...and I was confident I would find a way around the 80 dollar per person tickets. So I went to work on the internet when we got back to the hotel. Long story short, the next morning we went and listened to a time share presentation and got some free tickets. Holy Cow though, those guys will not take NO for an answer. I finally had to be blunt and tell them that there was no possible way that we are going to buy a time share even it was a lucrative foreclosure cost...hahahaha. So we raced back to the hotel, got our stuff and we had about 4 hours at Sea World before having to head for the airport. Wow. Sea World rules. I really liked that place. Sea animals are pretty amazing. I can't believe how smart they are. Other than the fact that we were a few minutes late to the Shamu show and the dorks wouldn't let us in (they got an a tactful way...well not really that tactful, but I really wanted to see Shamu), we saw everything that place had to offer. Julie was an awesome tour guide.

Orlando - March 09 072 Orlando - March 09 073

I don't know what either of these animals are, but whoa. I mean they are probably walruses, but about the weirdest looking things I have ever seen.

Orlando - March 09 074 Orlando - March 09 079 Orlando - March 09 080 Orlando - March 09 089

New bucket list activity: waterski on dolphins like this guy is. check out the guy in the one right above to the left...I don't know how he did this.

Orlando - March 09 090 Orlando - March 09 096

So it was an awesome trip. It was so fun to have Julie with me to enjoy the warm weather. Life is good. Got a lot of big decisions coming up...we'll be back east before you know it. Tomorrow is Julie's bday (3.23) so give her a call or email her. She is one amazing girl. Life with her just keeps getting better.