Monday, April 14, 2008


it's always amazing to me...what a camera can capture. look at the years on these bricks.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

one month


one month from today, me and this pretty lady are getting married. holy crykee! this is crazy. i am so excited, yet at thte same time i am dumbfounded at the magnitude of what is going to take place. it is going to be awesome though, i am so excited for all the adventures julie and i will have in our lives together. like wedding planning for example. i am realizing there is a whole lot to it, and it is indeed overwhelming, but i still think that girls blow it out of the water when they say how crazy it is. things are coming together very very nicely and it seems as though we will be ready to pull off something incredible on may 2. we've got the engagement shots done, this is one of them. and my claim to fame is that i took them myself, thanks to a self timer and a tri-pod. not bad eh?

can i just say that julie is an amazing girl. she has so much determination and ability to do what is at hand. whether it be her grueling school and hospital schedule, or getting me excited about registering...she just does it. i am learning so much about her. i am learning that i have a lot yet to learn as well. it is crazy, all of sudden next month, someone will say so, and we will be married. after the honeymoon to vegas (in julie's dreams) we are headed to new york for the summer. i am going to work with noah for his company and julie is hopefully going to land a job with a tutoring company. we are way excited for the summer in the big city before returning to good old utahr for julie's last year of nursing school. from there who knows what the heck we will be doing, but i tell you right now it is going to be awesome.

i am excited for all of you to either meet julie or get to know her better, because that girl is quite a catch.
p.s. in case you didn't know. the picture that has always been on the top of my blog. well that has been there for a reason. that is taken (was taken years ago) from the exact spot where julie and i got engaged. bet ya didn't know that.

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