Sunday, May 11, 2014

This mom rules.

For the last 485 days or so - Julie has been a mother. Wow is she ever good at it. And wow does her little girl love her mama. I am not sure there is anything in the world that makes me more happy than seeing these two together, smiling and laughing - or when Julie gets right down there with Zara and teaches her. Julie is so patient, so full of love, and all smiles (mostly all :) ) when it comes to Zara. She is pleasantly persistent - for example, she kept trying to teach Zara sign language for please and thank you and a few other things. Zara wasn't picking up on it, and several times I said something along the lines of "Julie, you should just give it up - not sure she is going to pick this up" - but as Julie kept mimicking these signs to Zara, and then boom, all of the sudden she is the master of signing please and thank you. She is also the master of throwing her arms up and making the "where did it go?" face and gesture (see photo above - thanks to our friend for taking these great shots at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens a few days ago). Pretty sure Julie taught her that one as well.

I am so lucky that Zara gets to have Julie as her mom. I am so grateful that Julie is someone that every child seems to love - she just has this uncanny ability to connect with kids. She has brought light and happiness to hundreds of kids in her unit at the hospital who are going through some very rough times, she has spent countless hours watching nieces and nephews who love her so, and now she dedicates herself to Zara and becoming the best mother that she can be. I am lucky.

Today I am also so grateful for the mothers in my life. Especially for my mom, and for Julie's mom. Those are two incredible ladies right there. Happy Mother's Day!