Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cruisin with my Broskis

So Mom and Dad were awesome enough to take me and the brothers on an awesome cruise. It was so fun to be there with my 4 brothers and my parents. I don't know the last time the 5 of us were all together at the same time. These are pics from Cozumel where we rented scooters and drove all over the island. Tal was with us in spirit as he met up with us there in Cozumel.
Here's Josh with his camera strapped in tightly (which was a good thing cause there were some unexpected bumps.
Here's Noah showing some leg. These little things were pretty fast.

I almost fell off my scooter trying to take these pics while I hope you can appreciate them.
We all drove along in a little caravan. All following behind mom and dad who opted for one of these instead of the scooters. Dad is obsessed with these things. I drove it too. Pretty fast little pups. I hope he really gets one.Here we are with Pops after formal dinner night. The food was so dang good. We went through a lot of food at our table each night. Had to try at least 2 or 3 of everything...appetizers, dessert, and entrees.
And with our Beautiful Mom. What a lady she is to put up with 6 guy for a week. It was so fun to sit there for hours at dinner or lunch or on the deck, or wherever to have really in depth conversations and discussions about everything from the economy to politics, to hopes and dreams. I have some great brothers as role models. It was awesome to get their take on life and how they do things.
Here is something I had to show people. Every night the room steward left these animals on our beds made out of towels. We had a good laugh about this seductively posed puppy.
Here we are at Chichen Itza. These incredible Mayan ruins. 7 square miles of pyramids and ruins. Some for the 5th century AD and the newer part from the 10th century AD. These explorers went out in the 1850s in search of what was a legend of an old city. And happened onto these incredible ruins that had been buried in the jungle. (Notice the pyramid shape of our heights as well).
We had a grand old time. Even though we weren't able to go to Roatan Island in Honduras b/c of a political uprising, or to Belize because of a big old tropical storm. We had a whole lot of fun scuba diving in Cayman, and a trip to the Turtle farm (see video of mom below). In Cozumel on scooters and snorkeling, and in Progreso (a replacement site for the places we couldn't go) at Chichen Itza. Or on the "fun days at sea" as they called them, eating up a storm. Cruises are also a great motivator to get in and stay in shape as there are some gigantic people lumbering around. Other highlights were watching some awesome Red Sox games on the boat, only to be let down in game 7 after we got off the boat (luck ran out), the waterslide, having fun with drunk people. Thanks mom and dad, that was a trip to remember!

Here are a few more pics for the fam and my bro's wives cause I know no one else will post pics (except maybe Josh). And one more, can't forget this awesome little room we packed into. The beds folded out of the ceiling. It was sweet!

Mom Likes Turtles.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


so i just realized it has been a while since i have written on here. and it really has. i mean if i am a blogger i need to keep up with my sisters who blog like 8 times a day. just kidding, their blogs are awesome. anyway. life is good for me and jules. i've been trying long and hard to deny the fact that we moved back to utah, provo nonetheless, but i have come to grasps with it and it is going to be a great year. julie is finishing nursing school this year, and so we'll be here until next june, from there, who knows.

i am in new york city right now, and being here is really making me feel that we need to move back here. we just had a little taste of it as we lived here this summer, but this place there is just a feeling about it that is so...well hard to describe. there is just a great energy about this place. i am here helping noah with some dinners he is hosting this week for work. imagine learning sent me out here to help him, can't complain about that other than the fact that julie isn't here. all the brothers and my parents got to go on a cruise last week in the carribean so i have only seen julie for about 24 hours in the last 12 days and it is killing me. she is an amazing girl. it is weird to go from being with someone so much for so long, and then not to see her at all. it is killing me. it really makes me love and appreciate her more though, so in some ways it has been good, still though, i don't plan on doing it again any time soon.

well, that should do for now, i will put some pics on of our apt and the cruise and some other stuff when i get home. this world is an amazing place. think of all it has to offer, think of how much of it you haven't seen. set a goal and go to the place.

the jazz start in less than a week. i am so bloody excited. julie's even excited. talk about progress. this is the year. if you don't believe me then do me a favor and give yourself a nice big slap in the face.