Monday, April 27, 2009

i wish i could do this

this is a really cool piece that i pirated off of josh's blog. i especially like it when viva la vida starts at about 3 minutes. somehow when i was younger this guy was my piano teacher for a couple months. unfortunately it never amounted to much. how does he move his fingers that fast and play the piano... i can't even move them that fast just holding them in front of me. thanks for sharing josh! got my mind off the jazz for a few minutes. i still think they are going to win the series. call me crazy, but it ain't over until it's over.

Friday, April 24, 2009

all i have to say

this is all I have to say. julie and i were there for probably the best and most intense game i have ever seen. i am having a hard time hearing and talking today it was so crazy in there. to the naysayers….face!                   kobe was 5-24. I LOVE IT.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

to all the naysayers.

I don't care what you say...there is something inside me that will love the Jazz to the grave. There are a LOT of naysayers and people that spend too much time watching ESPN (where they are all in creepy love affairs with the Lakers). The Jazz played pretty well today. Well enough to give them the confidence that the Fakers are indeed beatable. Boozer got a bit of his swagger bag. Dwill dished out 17 assists...picked the Lakers apart.

Deron Williams is incredible. I like what Jeff Van Gundy said during the game today...something to the effect of..."if I lived within a four hour radius of Salt Lake I would have season tickets, just to see this guy everyday, Deron Williams in phenomenal."

Deron goes out and gets it done. He isn't cocky and full of himself like every other star in the league. He doesn't have "Chosen One" tattooed on his back like LeBron, or a kings crown on his arm like Kobe. He doesn't make faces that make you want to beat the crap out of him after he makes a great play. He just gets it done. He makes everyone around him better. His passing is only surpassed by John Stockton. And when he needs to...he can take a game over and throw down over 2 seven footers like he does in this clip. Click on the HD button on the bottom right so you can really see it.

Here's one more view of it. Check out the slow-mo at the end. Click on the HQ button to see better quality.

Jazz will win game 2 and all the naysayers will jump back on the bandwagon. I'm in no matter what. I can't help it. Here's a nice shot of the in your face dunk.

what the snow?

Utah is really weird. I'm a native of this place and I still don't understand the weather here. It was 70 one day, freezing cold and 8 inches of snow the next morning, then like 55 by that evening and all the snow was gone. Today it was 70. I just feel bad for all the trees that had their branches ripped off because of the weight of the snow. photo one: on my way to work photo two: on my way home. (taken at the same spot if you couldn't figure that one out)

iphone 089 iphone 063

tax day shellacking - photos compliments of the iphone

iphone 017 

This is weird. This is our last Sunday in Provo. We're moving on Saturday. Fun times ahead. Lots of adventures to be had. Lots of things to See.

Monday, April 06, 2009

i make surprise.

julie and i went out to dinner for her birthday, same place we went on our first date. we came home and boy oh boy did she get surprised. i had talked to a few of julie best friends and old roommates and they were all there for a great surprise when we got home. they had the place all decked out and did much better than i could have. i opened the door and even though i knew they were going to be there, it scared me half to i can only imagine how much it surprised julie. they had some cake and pie (julie is a pie person) waiting and we had a great night.

Julie's Bday 09 002 Julie's Bday 09 010

Julie's Bday 09 011

julie has some pretty awesome friends. happy birthday again julie!

Julie's Bday 09 014