Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Eli's Newest Work Recruit

If Zara could, she would work with Eli all day.  Electronics and driving the car are all up her alley. Typing on his computer is definitely on her top 5 favorite things to do.  Also included on that list would be trying to climb on the toilet (I know- yuck), chewing on any cord in sight, making copies on the copy machine, and of course playing on/in/around the dishwasher.

After discovering this passion of her's, we brought out our old dead computer. We are sure glad we kept this thing around because now Eli and Zara can do their work together.

Although sometimes, she still deems it necessary to help a friend out.


Jessie said...

Bahaha! Story of son's life too. :)

charity eyre wright said...

this is the best :)

Linda said...

SO adorable. Love that child's expressions! What a face!

Patricia Carter said...

Wow, They look incredible. Kids just love to beat the keyboard.
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Suzan Baker said...

Wow, she must be of great help as a distraction. Kids today do love ruining keyboards.
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