Tuesday, September 12, 2017


After basically four years of not posting other that Dean’s birth and a couple of other things, I think I am going to start posting on here again. I guess the music has been updated via the spotify piece over to the right, but not much more. Not really for anyone else other than our family record…but if someone else happens on this, then hello! I clicked on the bookmark to this blog in my browser today and found myself looking back thorugh previous posts about travels and this and that - and remembered what a great way this is to record life. Instagram is kind of the new insta-blog and a great way to record life, but I think there is something to be said for the commentary that can go along with photos on a blog. I have so much on this blog from our pre-kid days, but not near enough since Z & D were born. In this day an age where we have thousands of pictures of them, it’d be nice for them to have something to look back on that is concise and provides commentary on their lives instead of just having to comb through thousands of photos and videos. Not sure if I will actually do this consistently but I’d sure like to. We just took an amazing trip to England and the Faroe Islands - and I want a record of that trip beyond insta posts and lots of photos. Just need to discipline myself to take the time to do it.

I also just found this Mac app called Blogo that seems to have good reviews. When we got an iMac, the lack of windows live writer deterred me from blogging becuase the native blogger site is terrible and there didn’t seem to be anything else out there. So, let’s see how this goes.

We’ve had a photo of this waterfall in our kitchen for the last 18 months or so - and suddenly, there we were in all its grandeur. The Mavic Pro gives some nice perspective in this photo. And people actually live in that village up there…what would that be like? The Faroe Islands really are one of the most beautiful spots on earth that I have visited. We had an amazing time there with Char and her fam. Lots of hiking and exloring God’s grandeur (and keeping Dean in a pack and Zara literally on a leash as we hiked along the sea cliffs). Lots more to come from this trip.

Zara started school last week. Like started kindergarten. She was just one year old on this blog, how on earth is that even possible? It’s full day at PS 9 - and she is totally rocking it. So proud of that girl!

Well, there are some random thoughts for the night. Blogo seems like it might be good. Let’s see if it can post multiple photos at once: ok that didn’t work…computer nearly lost it with the spinning wheel. Have to figure that one out. Here’s a photo from our travels to Switzerland last summer. Wish I would have blogged about it, but at least there is a pic now - pretty cool juxtaposition with the mountains in the Faroe Islands...

How bout the iPhone X?