Monday, November 20, 2006

Par Le Vous Francey?

well. Paris. It is quite the city. Man oh man. We got there last Monday and stayed until Saturday and I swearwe didn't stop going the whole time. Every morning we would go somewhere together as a group, and then theevenings were our own to go out and explore. On these little group expeditions, we went to Shart,a little town with a sweet famous Cathedral, the Musee d'Orsay, (my favorite of the museums in Paris, full ofimpressionistic paintings), Versaille where me and three others decided the most effective way to see all of itwas to rent a golf cart they had there, so we cruised around on that thing and saw the place. Man, what a place thatwas, it made me realize though that some people just have way too much money. Spent a lot of time at the Lourve, saw old Mona Lisa, which was surprisingly small and not really that impressive, well I guess it was, that and thefact that it was covered by bullet-proof glass. But some of the big old french renaissance paintings they had therewere very impressive, like 12x12 or bigger. Had a trip up to the top of the Eiffel Tower, you all know how much I love big buildings. That was awesome! It seemed like we just kept going and going. Spent a while up there taking pictures and enjoying the view. I don't know if you all saw it do the sparkle thing when you have been there, but on the hour, the whole thing sparkles for 10 minutes or so. It was just cool to see the tower and go up it, I guessthat is how it was with everything in Paris. You know, you see the stuff and hear about it for your whole life and then, bam there it is right in front of you. I ate a lot of Crepes. Those things are tasty I tell you what. They have everything, and I ate everything from French, to Greek, to Mexican to Italian food there. It was quite nice. The pastries are pretty nice too. So anyway, I will let the pictures tell you the rest, but Paris is sweet just for the record. I questioned at first why everyone always says that Paris is so romantic, but over the time there I realized why. It is quite a city withthe Seine River and all the amazing architecture. Went to a Pablo Picasso museum full of his personal collection, nowowned by his family. Man that guy was crazy, he had a lot of really weird stuff going through his head, but I reallyliked it. Went to the Catacombs, a place where the bones of 6 million bodies are organized into rows and stacks 60 meters under the ground. See the picture if that really confused you. It was pretty morbid and weird, but ratherinteresting. Pompodou. Modern art, the weird stuff at its finest. I liked the building more than the inside to behonest. Sweet Architecture. Basically we saw all that we possibly could, and tore the city apart. Now we are back in London, and I have a lot of stuff I have to got to see and do in the last month here, along withall the school garbage they are making us do. But hey, I am culturing myself and learning so much. It is finally really getting cold here. I am hoping for a little snow. It is weird it took forever but the trees are finally changing and all the trees around, especially the parks look so beautiful. Christmas is pretty much on here as there isn't any Thanksgiving. We are going to go and look at the lights for FHE tonight (yep, even here we have FHE groups, can't get away from that at BYU). But they are going all out. Harrods, Hamleys, all that good stuff. I am realy excited about that as you might imagine. Life is incredible over here, this is such an amazing experience. Yesterday at Church they asked me on the spot to teach the investigator class, and it was on Families. Eternal Families, how amazing is that. It made me miss you all a whole lot, and also it made me realize even more what an incredible family that I have, what incredibleparents that I have. Man oh man. The gospel is amazing. It helps us become better and better. I know that sounds simple, but it is pretty darn amazing. I love you guys sooo much. It is the Holidays! Let's all try to be more likethe Savior and really watch out for those Christmas moments where we can help others out as the Savior would. Just like Mom and Dad did with that little old lady from the airplane the other day. Love from Londy!Eli
Keep reading on for more pics below. Here is a bunch of at the Louve, a pic of the Louve remember from the Da Vinci Code and then a view from atop the Eiffel Tower of the city.
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