Sunday, November 05, 2006

Firenze - Italia

Bongiorno. Hey everybody. We are watching the 5 hour version of Pride and Predjudice for one of my classes right now (it's sunday night) Shoot me please. Just kiddin. But I do have a while to write some stuff. Well, we went, we saw, we conquered. We packed about as much as you possible can into the 3 days we were there. Found a sweet little hotel for 25 bucks a night, right there in the city. Highlights included: A trip to Pisa (see below pics and words), wandering/exploring the incredible streets of the city, Going to teh Accademia and seeing the David. Michaelangelo's big old naked man. I always thought that was a little weird, but I must say it was pretty amazing to see. He sculpted that 13.5 foot tall man all the way down to the veins. Just sat there and looked at it for a while and listened to the ladies yell, "no fotos!" .
A lot of amazing statues there in that place. The Ufizzi Gallery, which was also pretty sweet. My favorite part there was this huge old exhibit they had on Leonardo Da Vinci. A lot of his drawings and ideas all made interactive. It was really cool. That man was a genius, he had to have been inspired in some way.
That night we went up to the Piazza de Michaelangelo, this big hill overlooking the city, where these pictures were taking. I love the city there, the red roofs, the river, the hills.

That night we went to this amazing restaurant that was recommended by one of the girl's parents. It was a family restaurant that was like 100 years old. Best pasta I ever had, and me and Chris and Lyndsay split a steak that weighed a kilogram (no exaggeration) it was the bloodiest most rare steak I ever ate, but it was really really good. Dad, you would have loved it. Man those Italians know how to cook.
It was really cold so we would eat dinner late and spend time talking and eating. then stay out as long as we could bare it, then go back to the hotel.

The weather was beauty, never saw a cloud, but that also made it pretty darn cold. Can't complain though. Went to an awesome market there with all the leather goods, italian silk ties, and stuff you could imagine. Got me a nice silk tie to go along with all of my polyester Japanese ones. Can't wait to go back to Italy again soon, what a place. I might have to learn some Italian first though, I swear no one there speaks English. Keep reading on and looking, more pictures below. Posted by Picasa

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