Tuesday, August 26, 2008

US Open

It has always been a dream of mine to find myself at the US Open, and last night it came true. We were there and we saw some amazing matchese. In particular, this one between James Blake and Donald Young (the up and coming American). The match went 5 sets and ended at about 12:45 am. But that is what is awesome about the US Open they just keep playing and the fans stay pretty dang roudy. It was an amazing match between two of the quickest guys I have ever seen. Blake ended up winning 6-4 in the 5th, but I am telling you what watch out for Donald Young. I think he is my new favorite player. Just a 19 year old pup. This was Julie's induction to the world of pro tennis (live) and judging by her yelling and getting into it as much as me...I think she liked it.
So knowing the Eyre mentality, soon enough me, Julie, Tal, Noah, and Dad found ourselfs on the front row on the baseline, which are the best seats in the house. It got a little late for the wealthy folk that had the tickets, so we took advantage. We were sitting right on top of the players and had a beauty view. The match got better and better as we sat there. This was highlighted not only by the match, but by Dad getting on the jumbo tron while he was dancing and doing peace signs between games (peace signs, I tell you the guy is a born politician).
Here is Donald Young, an awesome 19 year old from Chicago that wears hit hat a little bit to the side (just watch a rap music video if you don't know what I am talking about). He played incredibly. The whole crowd was behind him as he made his run.
Noah and Tal have pulled this off before, but for me and Julie it was a first (the Open). It was inspiring to watch these guys play, makes me wish I would have done more to go further in tennis. Not like I would have played in the US Open but maybe in college. We got home about 2am, now we are getting ready to head out there again with Dad for the day session today...then tonight Dad and I are going to Red Sox v. Yankees...Can you have a better sports day, I mean seriously. More pics to come.
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Sunday, August 10, 2008


Yes, that is me and Sting. Tal got tickets to The Police concert at Jones Beach last Monday. He won them at an auction at a Unitus fundraiser. Unitus is an awesome nonprofit that does microfinance all over the world. The Police teamed up with them for this reunion tour and because of that they donated all access passes to the concerts to be auctioned off at Unitus fundraisers. So that would explain why I am standing right next to him in the picture. We got to go up on the stage for the sound check to meet him and the members of the band. Then he even let us sing with him for a couple of songs. There were some 30 something girls that were obsessed with him and kind of hogged the microphone, but nonetheless it was really cool.

Here we are singing "Message in a Bottle," after we finished Sting looked over at us and said "you know you were singing into a dead mic right?" That was pretty funny, but those girls wouldn't let us near the other mic.

So we had the backstage tour that included seeing all the backstage stuff including the tour busses and learning how the whole tour works. Quite a lot goes into these things. This was the 3rd to last show of the tour of about 200 shows.

We only had 2 tickets but we lucked out and got Noah in for the actual show so he was there to see it with us. It was awesome to be there with my bros to see a band that we have heard since we were kids. There are a few more pics below and a video or two. Thanks Tal!
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