Thursday, January 15, 2009

snow and some other things

We had some serious fun in the snow over the break. Got some sweet action shots of sledding and a great one of Julie and Kristi in their cross county ski/sledding outfits. We had a great break with some fun in the sun in Phoenix and then had some serious snowfall in Utah.

Christmas 2008 007 Christmas 2008 009 Christmas 2008 008

Christmas 2008 011 Christmas 2008 018 Christmas 2008 025

       Christmas 2008 029

Doesn't Julie just look like she belongs in the snow?

Below are some pics we took at temple square the night before we left to PHX. It was snowing like crazy, nothing had been plowed, just about a foot of fresh powder everywhere....roads included.

Christmas 2008 045

Christmas 2008 041 Christmas 2008 049 Christmas 2008 051

and happy new year. we had an awesome party at Baliwood. julie made a piece of art also known as seven layer dip. nice and symmetrical and everything.

Christmas 2008 062 Christmas 2008 078

k. last thing. julie and i have gotten into painting lately. i highly recommend it, go to a craft store, buy some paint and a canvas or two and see what you can come up with. julie's new name is julie kandinski.

Christmas 2008 083 Christmas 2008 082

k now really last thing. one night before christmas we went to the motab christmas concert with mom and dad which was really awesome. after feeling some good christmas cheer, the choir conveniently ended at halftime of the jazz game. so we parked, walked up to the door right as a couple was leaving early...i asked if we could have their tickets, they looked at me kind of funny, but were like "sure, they're on the 11th row." I was thinking we'd be lucky to get in the upper bowl, but i guess they'd had enough by halftime and we benefited quite nicely from that! some days you just get lucky.

 Christmas 2008 087 Christmas 2008 089 Christmas 2008 091

It's cold here. We are already ready from spring. we're happy here...hope the new year is treating you well!