Monday, June 07, 2010

"i love technology" (think Kip)

dang. i know where i will be on June 24th. apple just keeps one upping themselves. this is like super phone that you thought was never possible, except this is even better that i’d imagined. those guys at apple have a pretty sweet job.



i am a sucker. but man, don’t you just want to have that?

Friday, June 04, 2010


when we we were walking into costco last night i was looking at julie and we were talking, then out of the corner of my eye i saw what looked like a person with a giant baby head. like a full grown person but still with a baby head. i kind of kept talking to julie, thinking in my head '”whoa that is weird, i better look again” so i did and realized it was this… unfortunately he kind of moved the box by the time i could get my phone out (he had it perfectly aligned when i first saw him, but still, you get the idea. it’s funny how the brain can do so many things at once, but can alert you if one of those things you are thinking about/doing is a little off. summer in on here in dc. so are the tourists. holy cow. love the asian ones the most. they just go hand in hand, when i think tour, i think asians.