Monday, June 07, 2010

"i love technology" (think Kip)

dang. i know where i will be on June 24th. apple just keeps one upping themselves. this is like super phone that you thought was never possible, except this is even better that i’d imagined. those guys at apple have a pretty sweet job.



i am a sucker. but man, don’t you just want to have that?


r o y a l said...

Brad is already scheming ways for him to get this. I am scheming ways to spend an equivalent amount of money on something semi-frivolous. ;)

Anita and Tal said...

That is pretty cool... although, you are kind of geeking-out right now.

Eyrealm said...

I LOVE that Apple stock! Thanks for the heads' up!

blindblogger said...

If I didn't get my two phones ago stolen and water damage my last phone, camera and Ipod, I may have been able to talk Dan into letting me get one of these. As it is, I think I'm sticking with the 1990s Nokia. I love this phone. Apple has it's only China store in Beijing, and sometimes I just walk in there to feel the synergy. That company has it going on.

Mike Overall said...

If only AT&T and Apple could create a supernetwork that ran the iPhone blazing fast no matter where you were...I think their phone can do all it can for right now...start working on a network!