Sunday, August 01, 2010

Memorial Day in NYC. a little late.

K I know this is crazy late. But this is the first night I have had in like the last month and half to go through these pictures. It has been such a fun summer so far. Starting with a good old time in NYC for Memorial Day with Noah and Kristi and their fam. Julie’s brother Bryan and his wife Lis joined us as well and we had a great time. Highlights included the USS Intrepid, the Shark (awesome speedboat that goes out in the harbor and jumps off the waves of the Staten Island Ferry), the Shake Shack, GoGo Curry (best reason to go to NYC), and good talks/walks through the greatest city on earth.

IMG_9798 IMG_9803

Kristi has serious hops. Below:Southstreet Seaport. McKay took this picture. Not bad eh?IMG_9824 IMG_9825 

A lot of people wonder what ever happened to Kosmo Kramer. Well… I found him conveniently sitting right in front of his picture. IMG_9833

Amazing flowers in Madison Square park while we were waiting in line for Shake Shack. IMG_9836

This guy had this contraption to blow huge bubbles (like 5 feet long) by Bethesda Fountain in the park. McKay was loving it.IMG_9844 IMG_9851 IMG_9854 

I got to stay with Lyla and baby Jacobson while these guys went on the Shark. I had been on it before and they wouldn’t let kids below a certain height ride on it. So I got some good dad practice keeping a 2 year old occupied while they were gone. IMG_9855 IMG_9867

View from below the Brooklyn Bridge from on the Shark (taken by Julie). You don’t see this view very often.  IMG_9870 IMG_9876

The Concorde! At the USS Intrepid museum they have one that you can actually go inside of. So cool. Here’s something interesting… when you are going like Mach 1.5 or whatever, while you are in the cabin, you can’t hear the sound of the plane, because you are going faster than the speed of sound. Man, I want them to put those things back in service. IMG_9877

Stealth Bomber. This picture doesn’t do it justice. It was huge. IMG_9883 IMG_9887

Pretty amazing to be on a huge Aircraft carrier looking over the Manhattan Skyline. Memorial Day weekend to remember.

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