Sunday, November 05, 2006

A little place called Pisa.

Well. We flew into the Pisa airport which was conveniently right by the old Leaning Tower of Pisa. I gotta admit that it was pretty sweet to see it after years and years of looking at in textbooks and seeing it in movies. The little town was really nice and there we had some of our first tastes of good old italian food and gelato. It was awesome the girls with us couldn't go longer than an hour without gelato, so we ate plenty of it on the trip.
You know how you always see people holding up the tower in the pictures they have there, well I decided that I wanted to take a picture with me holding it up by my feet. It took a while and a lot of people looked at me rather funny, but hey not bad eh?
Man I just loved Italy, the way it was. It just had a feeling about it. The streets, the narrow cobblestone roads meandering through the city. I loved just wandering through them and seeing what was around each corner. I have barely cracked the surface in Italy, and I will most definately be back. Especially to spend some time on the Mediterranean, we flew over it on the way in and oh baby.
Love you all. This place is amazing. We have a week here in London and then next week we will be in Paris for the week. Not bad eh? I am pretty excited. We are going to Stonehenge and Bath on Wednesday and then maybe Cambridge on Friday. Whoa, that got me excited just writing that, didn't realize we were doing all that.
It is getting cold cold in Londy. It was Guy Faux day. You can hear fireworks shooting off all over the city and there is a smell of fire because of the bon-fires. wahoo.
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