Sunday, November 12, 2006

Can you say Stonehenge?

Hey you all. I went to Stonehenge. Wow. So many years of seeing it and hearing about it and then all of the sudden, kabam there it was right in front of me. It was a fun day there, a little cloudy but still quite nice. This is me and Kent and Erika reinacting Stonehenge. It was a good one, we started off at Stonehenge, then went to Aveberry (another old ruins place like stonhenge), then we went to Bath. Remember when we went there when we came to pick up Jonah? And the story about our ancestor who went from Bath to America but then came back to bath in search of healing in the roman baths there?
It was pretty cool to think about that as I was there. It was also interesting to think about Stonehenge and the mystery that it is. All these years, all these scientists, yet no one knows what it was or what it was used for? That shows man, we can't do it all you know what I am saying? I personally think that it is the end circle of a big old maze of rocks. but all the other ones are gone now. Anyway, it was a fun week in London, saw an Alfred Hitchcock movie turned into play called 39 Steps. An entire play done by 4 people playing like 100 parts. Saw an old Agatha Cristie play called Mousetrap as well, murder mystery.
We are headed off to Paris first thing in the morning for the week. I am so excited. Paris, ya boy. If you have any suggestions for there send me them, we'll be there all week and we will have some free time. So send them my way. Man this trip is amazing and it just keeps getting better even though it is getting colder. These other pics are of Bath and the river Avon there at night. I love you guys so much! More info and pics on the way from Paris or as soon as I get back. They are already putting up the Christmas Lights here and ooh baby. You know me, I love this stuff. You should see Harrods. I get an extra 3 weeks of it this year cause there isn't any Thanksgiving to celebrate here. Love you all. Praying for you.
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