Thursday, November 30, 2006

Dude, what happened to my face?

This is what I look like on drugs. This is on the White Cliffs of Dover lookout points with insanely high winds, my camera only flew out of my hand. This one gave me a laugh and I thought it might supply you with one as well. Well, on our last bus trip out of London we went to Dover and Canterbury, two more incredibly beautiful spots in England, on the coast to the east of Londy. It was clear enough that you could see France across the English Channel there. We went through Dover Castle there and got these shots here on the cliffs overlooking the Channel.
I put this other one of me and these girls here because it was so windy that if you look closely at our faces it looks like we all have minor retardations, some more than others. Go ahead, have a chuckle. Man that place was beautiful, the lighting was amazing as well, just made it seem like we went back to midevial times and the days of old Henry the VIII who lived there, you know the crazy guy with all the wives?
Then the picture down at the bottom is Canterbury Cathedral. Another absolutely amazing cathedral. If those guys would have spent as much time on the doctrine as they did on their churches, maybe the apostasy wouldn't have been so deep. Canterbury, like Oxford was another beauty little English town, full of little shops and sweet British people. And lots of Asians on tours. I love walking around and seeing the little people in huge clusters sticking out worse than Americans do shouting in crazy languages at each other. Gotta love those Asians. Anyway, Canterbury is up there on the list of great little English towns. And it was all decked out for Christmas.
I swear every day goes by a little faster here. It is killing me. Absolutely killing me. We are down to two weeks left. I love this place, love the people, love the melting pot of cultures that reside in this city. I swear you can see people from every part of the world by simply walking around town for 10 minutes. Love the architecture, love the parks, sometimes I don't love the tube though cause it gets delayed a lot. Love these people here in the program. Living with 35 20 year old girls is something that is absolutely unexplainable/indescribible. It's great though. I have learned a lot of the dos and don'ts with girls. Gotta love the weird food they eat here, its like they like feeling heavy after they eat you know, instead of light like Japanese food. Gotta love walking along the Thames at night, the lights of the city. The list doesn't eng. I have come to love this city so much. I don't think this is the last time that I will live in this place. I might have to earn a bit of cash to support myself first, but then we'll see. It is amazing to see the roots of where much of our American culture started. Well. gotta live it up these last two weeks. As you might imagine the professors are hounding us with work and finals and papers and all that sweet stuff, but hey, it's all part of the game. It's gonna be crazy. Philosophy is the weirdest thing that ever happened to the earth. It is just like "hey guys, it is how it is because it is, quit trying to overanalyze everything." But then, I guess some like to overthink things.
Anyway, just wanted to let you all in my head for a minute to see what I am thinking about at this incredible time in my life. Love you all. Heard it was 4 degrees in SLC this morning. Yikes! It has been really mild here. Can't complain. You all are the greatest. Love from Londy!! Happy Christmas!!!!
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