Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Stuff in your pockets

Don't you love it when you wear a coat or anything you haven't worn for a while and you put your hands in your pockets and find something you didn't expect? I love that. Like some money, or some little sample axe body spray things I just found in my pocket that I got at the Jazz Sixers game. Money is obviously better, but I needed to illustrate my point. Don't you love that?

We are on our way to NYC for the Holiday on a double decker bus. Sweet. We are meeting Julie's brother and his wife there. Gotta love how close all of these cities are back here.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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Charity Jade Eyre said...

so it is so funny that you should post that. i got my winter coat out the other day and in my pocket was a sample for derek jeter cologne. i almost barfed. where did i pick up something so atrocious? i thought about giving it to some boy but then realized i would never allow any poor innocent soul to smell like derek jeter. atrocious!

double decker bus! sheesh, i need to get out there and hang out with you guys.