Sunday, November 08, 2009


I had to go to Philly last week for some meetings and it turned out Julie didn’t have to be in the hospital those days, so she came with me. I’ve been in Philly a lot this year, so it was fun to have Julie there to show her some of my favorite spots.

Philly is such a cool city. It is where everything started. There is such a diverse crowd of people there, and the city itself (architecture, food, layout, all that) is pretty awesome. At the center of the city is the MASSIVE city hall. According to the handout there, it is even bigger than the US Capitol Building. At the time it was built, it was supposed to be the the tallest structure in the world. It took them longer than they thought, and by the time they finished, the Washington Monument and the Eiffel Tower beat it out. The statue of William Penn on the top is the tallest statue on a building in the world. I have to give Julie credit for this first picture, she has quite the eye. That is the masonic temple on the left.


100_2420Then going out in all directions from the city hall is an awesome city. Some incredible architecture. We made it out to the mecca of cheesesteaks. Geno’s and Pat’s King of Steaks…the never ending debate as to who makes the better steak. Nothing like a little beef and cheeze wiz. They were both really good. I think we give the edge to Pat’s though. Geno’s was a little flashier. Pat’s had an inscription on the cement marking where Rocky stood during one of the Rocky movies. These guys take their steaks serious. It was a little intimidating to order in the right way.

100_2427 100_2428


Got to see the Liberty Bell and go on a tour of Independence Hall. It is amazing to hear the stories, and think about all the incredible minds that worked together to break away from England and establish this great country. Here in Independence Hall, these men basically signed their lives away as they were committing high treason. I am so glad they had the guts to not only sign the Declaration, but to make it happen.


100_2441100_2439 100_2450 100_2442

Good times in the city of Brotherly Love. Talk about Phillies Pride. We were there the night the Phillies lost game 6. Everyone was out in every restaurant watching. Even though they lost. The loyal fans, from business men, to delivery guys still had their Phillies paraphernalia on the next day.


You’re probably wondering why the water is green…they are just having some issues with water there, and it even comes out of the tap this color. Well, actually there was some promotion thing going on so they dyed the fountain. Had you going though huh? Julie is pulling her second 7pm-7am shift in a row tonight. It amazes me because she is not what I call a night person, but she just does it without batting an eye. Julie Eyre = world’s best nurse.


Sees-the-Day said...

Great pictures. I love the one with the church reflection in the window.
You guys look so happy together. that is awesome.

Eva and family

Anita and Tal said...

We love the sights in Philly! You've got to go to a restaurant that we love there... Lovely belly dancing! We'll email you the place... We're glad to see you guys so happy.

brittanimae said...

Thanks for reminding me of all the fantastic things in Philly--we had such fun living there . . . though we never got any pictures as good as yours. Way to go!

shawni said...

Way to go Julie! And way to go on the history lesson and awesome pics. Love them all, especially the one with the window reflection. The leaves make me drool. Love you guys!

Love, Shas