Monday, November 23, 2009

Seeing blogs in a new light

So I haven't been that interested in blogging. I get tired of seeing all the cool things people do and feeling a little left out. But I have realized since moving away from family and friends what a great tool blogs can be. It has been so fun to know what is going on in people's lives even when we are so far away. So up front, my life is great, but we are still learning how to live with one another. That can be frustrating, exasperating, and I am tempted to question myself and say "what was I thinking!"But that really, for the all those times, I would never change having someone there supporting me 100% of that way. Anyways, enough of that.
So I will be blogging periodically from now on and hopefully Eli doesn't mind me writing every once and a while.

So here is what I have been thinking about:

Honestly, Thanksgiving is not been my favorite holiday. I really don't like turkey (unless it is my dad's and is Cajun fried). Not a big fan of stuffing. Mashed potatoes are okay. I really enjoy the rolls, but that is about it. So when November comes around, I have always find myself wanting to forget the turkey and move on to Christmas. However, I realized (when reading my sister-in-law Shawni's blog) that instead of focusing on solely on Thanksgiving day, I really should be thinking about giving thanks all month.

This really dawned on me when driving to "work" this last week. On days when Eli does not have any appointments I am lucky enough to drive. On Thursday I turned right onto Capital South to get on the freeway to Virginia and there was the Capitol surrounded in this mist of fog. I starting thinking how cool it is that I get to see this beautiful building everyday I drive to work. I then realized that the rest of my commute is pretty fantastic as well. Once on the freeway I pass by the Washington and Jefferson monuments as I cross into Virginia. I get on the 66 where I am literally feet from the Pentagon. I also see the Air Force memorial which is very cool. Then heading north I pass the Iwo Jima memorial and get to see the rows and rows of headstones from the Arlington cemetery.

How lucky am I to see such beautiful sites on a 20 minute commute to work.

Another thing I am thankful for right now are beautiful sunrises. This month I have been working quite a few night shifts. Often we give a few medications at 630 right before shift change and right as the sun is coming up. I work on the 6th floor and looking out the window on that sunrise is just incredible with all the fall trees.

Lastly, I love books. I just read this book Left to Tell. (Once again thank you to Shawni-or Saydi-can't remember) Fabulous. It is the story of a woman caught in the middle of the genocide in Rwanda in 1994. It made me question my relationship with God and how much power I could and should be utilizing from prayer. You should read it.

Basically I love nature right now and feel so lucky to live where I am and that Eli has a job.

Happy month of giving thanks!

Don't forget to read Eli's new post below!

P.S. Just found out about 2 minutes ago that I got a job! I interviewed at Children's National Medical Center and got the job on the Heart and Kidney Unit and the Hematology/Oncology Unit. I feel so lucky that I will get to get to work in such an amazing place. I seriously feel so humble, because even though Eli says I am the world's best nurse, I realize that I have so so so so much to learn.
Now the extremely hard part is deciding which one to take...


morgan and whitney. said...

WAHOO. so happy for you. who would have thought that we would both end up at children's hospitals. can't wait to hear your decision.

r o y a l said...

Dear Julie. I think you should write more often. love.horito.

r o y a l said...

PS I think we all have those days saying, "What was I thinking?!"
Even though Brad will tell you he is the best husband anyone could ever ask for.

shawni said...

Awesome, Julie! I'm so excited for your job!!

I can't wait to hear more about it. We need to skype. But I'm glad for blogs too so I can hear what's up with you two. Miss you guys and love you!

Saren said...

Congratulations on the job offers! It's got to feel great to step right out of your education into a job - especially when that doesn't happen for a lot of graduates these days!

We miss having you guys nearby. The kids were reminiscing at Halloween about how your showed up to trick or treat last Halloween and it was such a great surprise.

We'll get out to DC before too long. Seeing your photos and reading your blog has made me SO homesick for there!