Monday, April 06, 2009

i make surprise.

julie and i went out to dinner for her birthday, same place we went on our first date. we came home and boy oh boy did she get surprised. i had talked to a few of julie best friends and old roommates and they were all there for a great surprise when we got home. they had the place all decked out and did much better than i could have. i opened the door and even though i knew they were going to be there, it scared me half to i can only imagine how much it surprised julie. they had some cake and pie (julie is a pie person) waiting and we had a great night.

Julie's Bday 09 002 Julie's Bday 09 010

Julie's Bday 09 011

julie has some pretty awesome friends. happy birthday again julie!

Julie's Bday 09 014


Eyrealm said...

Hey we heard about this fun surprise but it's so great to see it in color with faces added! Thanks for keeping us in the loop!

Evans Fam said...

you always do surprises! I love surprises, but Sam hasn't been able to pull very many off yet...maybe you should give him some lessons! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIE!!! I hope she had a great birthday week! love you guys!

shawni said...

Happy B-Day Julie! Glad to see it was a great one. Sure love ya!