Sunday, April 19, 2009

what the snow?

Utah is really weird. I'm a native of this place and I still don't understand the weather here. It was 70 one day, freezing cold and 8 inches of snow the next morning, then like 55 by that evening and all the snow was gone. Today it was 70. I just feel bad for all the trees that had their branches ripped off because of the weight of the snow. photo one: on my way to work photo two: on my way home. (taken at the same spot if you couldn't figure that one out)

iphone 089 iphone 063

tax day shellacking - photos compliments of the iphone

iphone 017 

This is weird. This is our last Sunday in Provo. We're moving on Saturday. Fun times ahead. Lots of adventures to be had. Lots of things to See.


shawni said...

Whoa, the iphone took those? That's definitely a skilled photographer. I can't believe the before nad after work pics. And I have to agree with the other post...the Jazz are pretty awesome. Love ya.

erika herman said...

Oh, we never got to do a double date. Good luck out there in the big, wide world. We will miss you.