Sunday, April 19, 2009

to all the naysayers.

I don't care what you say...there is something inside me that will love the Jazz to the grave. There are a LOT of naysayers and people that spend too much time watching ESPN (where they are all in creepy love affairs with the Lakers). The Jazz played pretty well today. Well enough to give them the confidence that the Fakers are indeed beatable. Boozer got a bit of his swagger bag. Dwill dished out 17 assists...picked the Lakers apart.

Deron Williams is incredible. I like what Jeff Van Gundy said during the game today...something to the effect of..."if I lived within a four hour radius of Salt Lake I would have season tickets, just to see this guy everyday, Deron Williams in phenomenal."

Deron goes out and gets it done. He isn't cocky and full of himself like every other star in the league. He doesn't have "Chosen One" tattooed on his back like LeBron, or a kings crown on his arm like Kobe. He doesn't make faces that make you want to beat the crap out of him after he makes a great play. He just gets it done. He makes everyone around him better. His passing is only surpassed by John Stockton. And when he needs to...he can take a game over and throw down over 2 seven footers like he does in this clip. Click on the HD button on the bottom right so you can really see it.

Here's one more view of it. Check out the slow-mo at the end. Click on the HQ button to see better quality.

Jazz will win game 2 and all the naysayers will jump back on the bandwagon. I'm in no matter what. I can't help it. Here's a nice shot of the in your face dunk.


Julie Eyre said...

Do you think Eli is just a bit passionate about the Jazz? Pretty much the work "Lakers" is a swear word in our house right now.

Parley Baldwin said...
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Parley Baldwin said...

That was a sweet dunk. The Jazz hung around, but just don't have what it takes right now to beat the Lakers. Who you calling naysers though? Ignorance never was bliss...I know you've heard that cliche before. I love the Jazz, (as much as the Utes) and even left linger longer early today to get the tip-off. But it's just an objective fact that Boozer sucks and they don't play defense like they used to. For some reason, the ball just hasn't bounced their way this season. Too many injuries and it seems like the only guy who shows up to play every day is D. Will. He's the best point guard in the league and has proved his dominance by beating down Chris Paul over and over again. It's nice for you to believe they will win the series, but the numbers don't lie man, they just aren't strong enough to move through the playoffs this year. It's heartbreaking! Like watching your kid strike out every time he gets a chance at the plate. You're not the only who loves their guts, but you may be the only one who actually thinks they are championship calibur team. It's just that all the "naysayers" you call out are simply being realistic and calling it like it is. The crappy thing is that they could easily lose Korver, Millsap, Okur and/or Brewer over the off season, and hopefully next year won't feel like we are rebuilding. That's all I got Eli. Godspeed to the team but I'm afraid that D Will doesn't have enough to get the job done himself.

Evans Fam said...

Eli - you are the best Jazz fan I know...and I have to say I am with you because I really couldn't care less about any other NBA team out there. I like the JAZZ! And congrats to Julie on finishing school and to you guys for saying goodbye to Provo...where to now?

atec said...

nah, I think you rock for your dedication. Keep it up! Someday you'll show everyone up!