Thursday, October 19, 2006

Tal in Londy!

Hey you all. Tal came, he saw, and he conquered. He was here for a short 48 hours or so, but we ran the city dry. It is always so great to get together with Tal. He is the man. It was awesome to see him, and hear about all the adventures in India, and then go and have some adventures of our own. Amy and Rob had just got here the night before and were nice enough to let Tal crash over there because you know BYU and their policies (he couldn't stay here). It was great though, we had a great dinner with Amy and Rob and a great pub. Then took off and saw the city. Walked along the Thames (nothing better than that at night time. ) We sat on the statue in Trafalgar Square looking down at Big Ben and Tal got me all caught up with the Lindsy situation and his love story. She sounds pretty darn amazing if she can get Tal this whooped on her. Big Ben is to the left of my head, can you spot it?
We then went to an awesome jazz club/pub and heard some awesome Jazz with some great Londoners, even had a great conversation with a French couple who gave me some advice for when we go to Paris in a month or so. Jazz music is so awesome. Me and Tal in this smoky restaraunt/pub with all these great Londoners drinking wine and eating steaks (it is a pretty nice place). It was great though
Sunday we went to church at the Hyde Park Ward, which was awesome cause I haven't been to it yet. Wow, what a powerful ward, there were some great talks and lessons going on. We had some lunch at an awesome Japanese place, Then went to Evensong at St. Paul's. Awesome. Music really goes well in that place. Then up to Notting Hill where I live, that's where we are in this picture. Tal saw the BYU center, met some people and then we went over for dinner with Amy and Rob. Those Guys sure are great. It's fun how close we are all to Amy. Then I had to go back and get ready for a test, and Tal and I parted ways, but we had an awesome little stint. Another great one to add to our stories of fun times.
After some crazy tests, we went out yesterday to the homes of Charles Darwin, Winston Churchill, and then to Hever Castle. And got to stop by the temple for a minute on the way back to snap some pics. What a beautiful house of God.
I'll throw some pics of that stuff up a little later.
As for now, Me and Ross (another guy here) are off to Wales for 5 days to stay with an LDS family there. I have no idea to expect. It could be awesome, or it could by 5 days of total awkwardness. But hey we'll be in Wales. It will be great. We are jumping on a bus in just a little to go down there, so I gotta go. But I'll write more when I get back next tuesday. Sure love you all. Hope all is well. I am praying for you all. God loves us. Posted by Picasa

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