Sunday, October 01, 2006

Take me to the Kew

Hey guys! Rain = cool pictures. It's been a great week. Highlighted by conference of course. Well we still have a couple sessions left, but man oh man has it ever been great. I love how Heavenly Father is able to talk to you through prophets, and you are able to hear the things you really really need to hear. And it always makes me happy to see President Hinckley speak with his hands, or President Faust's little smirks. We watched morning and afternoon at night here (sat) at the center, and then went over to the Hyde Park Chapel for priesthood this morning. What a great session, and what a great place to watch it. It is great to think back on all the great memories certain members of our family have at that chapel.
We went to Kew Gardens on Friday. That is one big garden. Wow. 300 acres containing one out of every eight plants known to man on the earth. The flowers were amazing as well. These were some of my favorite shots that I got there. They even have a huge japanese garden complete with a bit old Pagoda. It was aweosme.
Well, this week we are heading up to Scotland! We are going up through the Lake District, and Liverpool, to Ediborough and then York on our way back. We'll be there until Saturday. It will all be on a bus, which will prove to be a little tight, but oh well. Staying in youth hostels is always great too. One of them though is inside of an old Castle, and who wouldn't love to sleep in a castle? I sure would. It is supposed to be an incredibly beautiful area, maybe you guys have been there.
Well, how can you not love London. Aside from the fact that it is off the hook expensive, (it is really stretching my frugal side) there isn't anything not to like about this place, well maybe the wiffs of B.O.
I am loving life though. Great people, great friends, learning lots of great things. The gospel is true guys. I liked when it was said that we are able to talk to the Lord through prayer and he is able to to talk to us through the scriptures as we really dive in and search them. That is something I am going to work on. Appreciating the scriptures more, I mean it is the words of prophets! Right from God.
I love you guys. Hope all is well back in America. It's getting cooler hear, I think fall is setting in, can't wait to see the trees in Hyde Park turn colors. There are some more pictures below too.  Posted by Picasa

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