Monday, October 09, 2006

I like to jump.

Wow. What a week. An awesome trip to Scotland that included stops in Liverpool, the Lakes District, Edinburgh, York and Chatsworth. It was a lot of time on the bus but oh so awesome. The English countryside is just too beauty. The greens you get there is like beyond green, like you have crazy glasses on or something. It was a great trip full of wandering, exploring, historical stuff, you name it. The professors did a great job putting it all together and we made the most of our time. Liverpool - went to the docks where I am pretty sure a lot of our ancestors went through on their way to America. It was cool to think about them being there. Making the big move to America.
We then went on to the Lakes District. Look below for some pictures and more detail. Then here we are in Edinburgh. This is a view looking out from Edinburgh Castle. Imagine if you were a cannon ball shooting out.

Here is the man. The Scottish man. When we were walking up to him before he started playing, I saw him take a comb out of his pocket and comb his mustache. Look at the size of that sucker. This man could really play. Mike even bought some bagpipes. I wish you could have heard him play as we hiked up to the top of Arthur's Seat. A big old hill/mountain overlooking Edinburgh. This is a picture of me, Ashley, Chris and Lyndsay on our way to the top with the city behind us. We went on from there through York. A cool city full of Harry Potter sites and a beautiful Church. Then to Chatsworth house, this huge old estate and garden where a Duke still lives. Beauty gardens, complete with a Chihuli glass sculpture. Man, it was an awesome trip.

We are back in London for a week and half, then to the "live ins" where we go live with lds families throughout the area for a couple days. Not really sure what to expect. Me and Ross, (spencer's cousin) are going to Wales near Cardiff to stay with a family there for 5 days, so that should be pretty sweetness. I guess we'll see, I am not really sure exactly what we do, but it will be great. London rules guys. This place is beauty. Fall is upon us, but it is still pretty warm, gettin excited to see the leaves in Hyde Park change.
A girl came up to me in church yesterday and told me how she grew up in one of the wards that Jonah served in, and said that Jonah was the best missionary the ward ever had. Jo, you are the man. Love you all, and hope all is well. I'm praying for you all. The gospel is awesome. Rememeber how awesome it was when we sang "We thank thee O God for a prophet" at the end of conference. Wow. Keep reading below for more pics and descriptions. Love you!!! Posted by Picasa

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