Friday, February 05, 2010

what the what the?

That is my favorite line from 30 rock. That is how I feel (well, i guess we feel). When we moved to DC, a lot of people were like, oh yeah, you’ll probably only see snow once or twice and it will be a real mild winter. False. False. Well, as luck would have it, Julie and I brought to DC what is going to be one of the craziest winters in history here. It just keeps coming. I love it…it works like this; they announce that a storm is coming, and people act like it is Armageddon. Stores are rammed full of people stocking up, literally filled to capacity with people waiting to go in, as people come out. The schools all cancel, the fed. government shuts down early. Sweet.

Well, to this storm that just hit today – I think some of the precautions are actually legitimate. They are saying that this has the potential to to be the biggest storm in history here in DC. The record is 28 inches of snow, and they are saying between 22-30, so we’ll see. It is actually pretty exciting. I am sure you’ll see plenty of coverage in the news.

Anyway, before this storm hits, I wanted to put some pics of the last storm up. We went around and captured DC covered by snow from the mall to Georgetown, so here they are. I am sure we will have even cooler ones after this weekend. There have been some pretty big storms this year, for some reason they all hit on Saturday. Stay tuned.








shawni said...

Oh my GOSH those are GORGEOUS!! You need to sell those babies. Espec. the one with Julie jumping...

Anita and Tal said...

looks like a blast. I still remember those snow days in DC.

naomi megan. said...

these photos are awesome. love the last one of julie jumping.

Charity said...

julie learned everything she knows about jumping pictures from me. right??? no jules i am really impressed, that is a good one.
snow in d.c. yowza - wish i was with you to enjoy the magic. love you guys