Sunday, February 21, 2010


wow. We came to DC thinking we would be moving away from the snow and super cold. we were wrong. It has been awesome being here this winter to experience what has just become the snowiest winter in DC/this area’s history. I am sure you heard about it on the news, but I thought I would share some pictures from our venture out in between the storms. This storm hit, then a few days later came another big one, this time accompanied with super wind to create a white out. Even for standards back home, this was one of the biggest ones that I have experienced. The whole city was snowed in for about a week. The suburbs went for like 10 days without a snow plow. As you can see in the pictures, people ditched their cars (completely buried under the snow) and resorted to walking in the middle of the road on foot, or the really smart people slapped on their cross country skis (I wonder where they have space to keep those for the rare occurrence of a storm that turn roads into ski paths). This was definitely one that we’ll never forget. It’s been two weeks now, and the effects can still be seen on every corner with an 8 foot mountain of piled up snow. I will leave you with a fact; 2007-08 winter snowfall in DC; something like 4.5 inches – 2008-09 snowfall; 9 inches – 2009-10 snowfall; 56 inches, and it is still February!

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Eyrealm said...

This is truly AMAZING! You will be so glad you have these pictures in years to come! gosh! wish we were there! Nothing this exciting has happened since we were there in the year of the eleven ice storms! FUN!

Evans Fam said...

LOVE the pictures! I WISH I could take pictures like that! Thanks for capturing all that beauty!

shawni said...

SO pretty! I love these esp. that middle one with just the trees and cars piled with snow...and the one of cute Julie.