Friday, June 08, 2007

Laughing and Bethlehem

Here we are at Shepherd's Field. Overlooking Bethlehem, in a spot that very likely could be where 2000 years ago Shepherds were amazed as they saw the star over Bethlehem and followed it to the baby Jesus, the Savior. We ate sack lunch/dinners, had a great Christmas program with music, the spirit and all. The reason we are all laughing here is that we were throwing tomatoes at Anthony (hilarious kid here) and he was running around trying to catch them.

The church of the Nativity. All built on top of the traditional site of the birth of the Savior. It is the oldest standing church in Israel, dating back to the 6th century. It had an interesting feeling there. It was packed with tourists/Christian pilgrims. It was awesome to be there, but I think I liked the feeling in Shepherd's field more. But how about the colors and the stained glass.

The 14 pointed star/symbol of the Birth of Christ. In the grotto where they suppose the actual birth of Christ took place. It was crazy in there and our tour guide was having some problems with English, so I didn't totally catch the significance of it. I love it when people speak English and mix up the plurals and singulars, it just makes life more fun.

The view from Shepherd's Field overlooking Bethlehem. A boy even came up to us carrying a little lamb and let us hold it.
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