Friday, June 08, 2007

the galilee

these cliffs were huge. 200 foot drops probably. unfortunately it was a little bit misty so we didn't have a perfect view of the sea, but we were up there pretty high.

the mount of beatitudes. there was a really special feeling up there I am telling you what. one of the most beatiful spots I have been. There is a powerful presence up there, that is still strong after 2.000 years. It was fun to sit up there and read the sermon on the mount, right in the spot where it took place!

these flowers were pretty amazing. we had a guy, eric, a kibbutz man who has live on kibutz' for about 30 years took us on a hike up in the golan heights to some beautiful waterfalls. he is the same guy that took Charity and her group.

me, jeff, lisa, and lyndsi on top of the waterfall. about 50 feet, i wanted to jump off, but my conscience intervened.
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shawni said...

Loved the update, E. Love you too.

mom said...

These pics are fabulous! You have such an eye for light, form and compostion! What are you going to do without a camera? You better get a cheap one and do the best you can until we find out whether or not we can fix yours. You HAVE to have a camera for Jordon...even if it's a couple of disposables! Do they have those there?

Two more weeks! How the time has flown!
Love forever,