Monday, June 18, 2007

an experience

hey everyone. jordan is awesome. i love the people. i love the places. aka. petra. and how awesome it was. we were just there for four days, but it was absolutely sweetness. the people there struck me as so genuinely friendly and accomodating. we made it back, we've got a couple days back here in jerusalem and then it is over. i am pretty dang sad about that to tell you the truth. it is killing me. this is such a great life to live...traveling and studying. i feel like i am just getting to know a lot of the people here, that i could be really good friends with, so i am sad about that. but with that said, we have done so much incredible stuff over the last 7 weeks, it is just amazing. i was looking through a jerusalem/holy land tour book and pretty much every place i was able to be like "yep, been there". pretty sweet if you ask me. i will put some pics up tomorrow if i can crunch in the time. tomorrow we are going on a trip through the last days of Christ's life. I can't wait. this is one of the things i have been looking forward to most.
speaking of Christ. the other day we were taking tour of some of the excavation sites around the wall of the old city. Brother Whitchurch (charity's teacher from when she was here) was talking about Christ and places he would have spent time. We were there on the steps that led to the temple where the Savior spent a lot of time. Bro. Whitchurch talked about the fact that the Savior would have walked on those steps time and time again. it was a quick moment, but an overpowering feeling of the spirit hit me hard. there i was... in jerusalem...standing on the steps where the Savior stood. Right where he was. I wrote on my application to come here about my desire to walk where the Savior walked, and I have only dreamed of doing that my whole life. And all of the sudden I was there, right where he was. I have been close many times over the course of this trip. But many of the places were only general areas. This time I was right there. It was just an awesome experience. One of those experiences you never forget. It was simple and sweet, but powerful. I wrote a prayer and put it in the wall there at the top of those steps... a prayer that I can come to better know the man who stood on the steps so many times. Just thought I would share that with you. I love you all a whole lot.

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