Sunday, April 15, 2007

My Favorite City

Well, had an awesome trip to New York last week. Me and Noah touched base with our thug side. I particularly like the girl that is right between us in the background. This was right after we saw the new broadway play called the Pirate Queen. It was pretty good, and it had some really awesome Celtic dancing that Noah and I were pretty excited about. (that isn't a joke). The music was done by the Les Mis guys, while the dancing was done by none other than the riverdance people.
We really had a great time though. Spent Thursday-Saturday in the dust whole working and destructing. Crow bars are a great invention. We got the kitchen all ripped out and ready to be raised up, so the plumbing could run under it as they relocated the sink, in prep for the pictures Noah sent over the last couple of days. We did a lot of mudding and sanding getting the walls ready to paint. Old buildings have really crooked walls if you didn't know that. We worked on the baseboards and crown moldings and just had a good time talking and laughing as we did it. Noah is such a good guy, such a good brother, and now husband and father to Kristi and Little Mac. It was fun to talk about everything from the Jazz, to jobs, to our future business we are going to start someday, to which angle would be best to cut for the moldings. Oh man I wish you all could have seen us when we were carrying lumber back from the lumber shop. We had two huge 8x5 pieces of plywood that were very awkward and like 8 10 foot 2x4s and then some baseboards. We we had to walk 10 blocks with the stuff. We started out with just one on each end, but only made it about a block, it was way to heavy. So we were sitting there on the side of 2nd Avenue with all this wood balanced on a garbage can. We finally came up with the idea of putting the 2x4s underneather the plywood pieces, they stuck out a bit as they were 2 feet longer than the plywood, so we put them under, then crouched down and made it so there was a piece of plywood on each of our shoulders and then lifted the whole thing up. Image the ancient times when people would carry the kings around, you the men would hold the thing that the king sat on on their shoulders. I hope that made sense, it was harder to explain than I thought. Nonetheless, we got some really funny and weird looks from people as we were walking down this really busy New York sidewalk. We were laughing so hard too. I was really excited to get to Noah's though, I thought my back was going to break.

So these are pictures of the office in which I had one of my interviews. This builiding is Chelsea Market. Over on the west side of Manhattan around 14th street and 8th and 9th Ave. there are a lot of old warehouses that are being turned into offices. A lot like Gordon's office for those of you who have been there. It was an awesome building though, the first floor was all little restaraunts, boutiques and bakeries, then the above floors were offices. The offices are really cool kind of contemporary on the inside, but they just picked to leave the outside, grafitti as it was. Anyway this was a really cool marketing company that I am pretty interested in. The problem though is that they are hiring for a job that will start on June 1st, with a new account they are starting. So that kind of sucks. But they guy told me they may have something going in July as well when I get back from Jerusalem. So I will stay in contact with him. The other interviews went well also, they were companies that were a little smaller and not exactly what I saw myself doing. More sales stuff than marketing.

The interviews were great experiences though, hopefully something will materialize out of them, but if not, I am content with the experience. I will just have to keep on looking. Oh baby, life is interesting. This buiding here below is just one we passed on the train out to Queens for one of my interviews. Quite a city. That is one thing I noticed in particular this time as I was there. The diversity. Me and Noah were on a train and I just marveled as I looked at the people...there was someone on there of every race and culture it seemed like. Awesome stuff. So, I am hoping and praying something will work out and I will be able to live in that great city for a while. Oh ya, last thing is that on Easter Sunday we went to the singles ward where Noah is in the Bishopric. He was the only member of the bishopric there, so he conducted and everything, it was awesome. He did a great job, the members of the ward really love and respect him, I could tell. There was also an awesome Easter musical program they put on that blew us all away. Good times. Sure love you all, hope the springtime is treating you well. Now I embark on my last week and a half of college!!

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