Sunday, April 15, 2007

A man walking down the street pushing a shopping cart full of manicans.

Hey you all. How the heck is everyone? It is my second to last Sunday here in Provo as a Coug. I can't believe that in a week and a half I am going to graduate from College! That just seems so weird to me. I am so excited though. I love this place, but I am ready for the next chapter of my life. Well, mainly I am just excited to go to Jerusalem. Oh baby. Looks like I will be taking the drive of shame out of Provo, (that is what you do when you go to BYU but don't get married while you are here) but it's all good. Below is an update from the trip to New York, and intermingled in here are some of my favorite pictures. I have been working this weekend on my final capstone paper for my major. Kind of like a mini thesis. It took me many long hour, like 15, but I got it done and I am excited about it. I will try to post it online, so you all can have a read if you would like. I would if I were you. It's pretty sweet. So tomorrow is my last day of classes and then I have just 3 final tests to worry about and I am home free. College=Over. Crazy, I guess I will have some stuff in Jerusalem as well, but it is basically over. Crykee j. 500 5th Ave. I went up there by myself, beautiful spring day, though a bit cold, wrote and a letter to my future wife and successfully secured it up there with some wire and an empty prescription bottle. She's gonna love it.

Guys, I tell you what, I am so excited to go to Jerusalem and be where the Savior was. I was reading in the New Testament today and it got me so excited to be there where it all happened and gain a greater understanding of it. I know it is true, but I don't know it, the doctrine and stories near as well as I should, that is what makes me so excited to immerse myself in it. I am really excited to learn the Old Testament stuff too. Two weeks from Tuesday I will be on my way. Sadly I won't get to see Char though cause she is prancing off to Europe. But it sounds like she left some cool stuff and some scavengar hunts there for me.

It's not everyday that you see a man pushing a shopping cart full of naked manicans down the street.

Little Mac is so awesome. Kristi introduced bubble to him while I was there and he was so ecstatic to say the least. He loved them! I will try to post the video of him with them too. He is quite the cute little kid. A trooper, walking around the streets of New York. My favorite thing is that everytime he rides on the subway he makes the hand gesture opening and closing his fist until he gets to stand by and hold the pole on the train. Keep reading on for an update on my trip to New York and the job interviews.
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