Friday, April 20, 2007

Hiking the Y

Well, I figured I should hike the Y once during my time here at BYU. So me and some friends hiked up there on a particularly beautiful spring day last week. It was beautiful, 75 and sunny. (it snowed the next day, gott love Utah). The land of the Cougars is particularly beautiful. A breathtaking view from up there, and that's not just the strikingly beautiful BYU campus, but the whole valley, with Utah Lake straight ahead, Timp on your right and Mt. Nebo and some other big ones down to the left.

This is me hugging the Y on the mountain. It was about as comfortable to lay on as it looks.

Ode to Provo....

After all of these years
I now leave you with tears
The buildings, the people,
and the temple's beautiful steeple
All peculiar in their own way,
I guess that it what makes people stay

But now I leave you,
My dreams and aspirations to persue
Even though I'll be taking the drive of shame,
I've had so much fun, I must proclaim
The friends, the roomies, the girls
I always found myself living in a whirl

The games, the classes, and the dances
All make me glad I took my chances
And now I go forth, my future unknown
To make a name for myself, to make myself known

That's the Y if you didn't catch it.

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