Wednesday, March 23, 2011

ni ju go (25)

India 061

Hey Everyone! 

Today is Julie's 25th birthday! She is celebrating by working from 7am to 7pm at the hospital! Wahoo! Bless her heart.

I know Julie loves it when everyone talks about her, so I thought I would start out. Ha.

I just wanted to tell you all a few things that I love about Julie, then if you guys want, you can respond with things you like/memories of Julie.

1. Julie is dedicated. When she does something...she is all in. I wish I could watch her at work each day. Though it is about the toughest job there is; it makes me smile to think of her there dedicated to kids dealing with cancer and other issues. I know her smile and ability to connect with kids brings so much light into the lives of her patients and their families. She just connects with kids. I wish you could have seen her in India with the kids at Rising Star (see pic above). Holy cow is she ever going to be an incredible mother!

2. Julie is determined. Again, when she puts her mind to something...she makes it happen. On Saturday, she is running a half-marathon as part of the National Marathon. I was going to do it with her, but totally wussed out (some excuse about my knee hurting after a certain distance). Even if it means getting up at 4:30 to train before heading to a 12 hour shift...she's dedicated, and she's going to dominate. She's probably really happy with me telling everyone she is running it.

3. Julie got up at 4:30 this morning to make her Strawberry Pie for her birthday. I offered to make it, but she doesn't trust me. "Eyres are not pie people" she says. Isn't that awesome?

4. People like Julie. She is just easy to get along with, whether it is her co-workers, her friends from college, friends from the ward here, or the concierge at our building, you can tell people just genuinely like her. You are probably nodding as you read this.

5. Julie adapts. I am weird. I have quirks. She has adapted to me and been willing to take on my passions and understand me: the Jazz, architecture, photography, tennis, technology, cars etc. I love that about her. She takes what is important to me, and finds a way to make it important to her as well.

6. Julie adapts, but she also is not one to be messed with. Julie knows what she stands for and there is no way she will back away from her standards and morals. I am so excited for my kids to have that example in their mother.

7. Julie has an awesome sense of humor, and a contagious laugh. Just get her in a laughing mood and you are toast.

8. Julie has an incredible sense of style. She is creative. There is no such thing as too much color or too many different colors when it comes to Julie. I love that about her; she's always knockin my socks off.

9. Julie loves life. She loves adventure. She drinks in new culture and surroundings. I love how excited she gets about new ideas, cultures, concepts etc. For example, she drinks in the culture in India, and then the first thing she does when she gets home is download the autobiography of Gandhi.

10. Julie is perfect for me. She makes me who I am, she believes in me, and she loves me unconditionally. I couldn't ask for more.

Happy Birthday Jules!! I love you.



jenn + michael said...

I'm sure glad Julie was born! She's definitely one of the best roommates ever! Happy birthday Julie.

tricia said...

Happy birthday julie! I think you are an amazing person too.

shawni said...

I LOVE JULIE!! I've been thinking about you a bunch today, Julie, and I want you to know I agree iwth everything Eli said, especially what an amazing mother you will make some day ;) I'm so grateful you and Eli found each other.

richard said...

I love her MORE!

blindblogger said...

Mothering comes naturally to Julie. I'll never forget running out of my brother's wedding to get Tate thinking he was probably screaming the whole time he was with Julie because we just got to America, and he was little, and I thought he would be scared of new faces. Was I WRONG! He was laughing and playing with her out on the grass. Then he wouldn't let her go the rest of the day. Julie's an angel, I look up to her in so many ways and I have from day one.

Kerolann said...

Happy Birthday JuJu! We can't wait to see you in a few months!