Sunday, March 27, 2011

13.1 for Julie

I mentioned this in the last post. But now it is legit. Julie ran a half-marathon yesterday! After pretty nice weather here over the last few weeks, it was conveniently about 30 degrees and freezing at 6:30 in the morning when I took Julie to the starting point for the National Marathon. She totally dominated and finished ahead of the goal that she had set for herself. This is a testament to what I wrote about Julie in the last post. When she puts her mind to something, it happens. It was awesome to see her stick to her training schedule and make it happen. Here are a few photos from yesterday. I wish I could have taken photos of her during the race, but I failed to do so.

Here she is right after the finish with this awesome foil blanket thing they gave out to keep everyone warm. You can see the thousands of people that were there behind her. There were 15,000 runners.


I made Julie put on her medal that she got for finishing and sport it for some photos.


Maybe next year I will be man enough to run it with her. Ya, that’s right, she “ran through history” …not really sure what that means but it sounds cool. Julie rules.

P.S. it snowed here this morning. Then it was like 50 and sunny a couple of hours later. DC weather is weird. It is so beautiful here right now though…an explosion of spring everywhere you look.

Second P.S. I promise I am going to post the photos this week from the second half of our trip to India. I finally had time to dive through all of them this week and get them organized. Now I just need to get them on here, so come back soon.


eyre blog said...

oh boo yeah! We love seeing Julie run through history. she is amazing! can't wait for India part 2. Can we get some of your pictures?

Eyrealm said...

Congrats Julie! Even a half marathon is gargantuous in my mind. Way to go!

We knew you could do anything but this is going beyond the mark!

Love you!

shawni said...

Go Julie!