Sunday, May 09, 2010

here’s to moms

cheesy here we go. seriously though. here’s to my mom and kathy haslam (julie’s mom). two of the most incredible woman i will ever know. both are so incredibly christlike and are perfectly content with thinking of themselves last. they always put others first without even thinking about it. they are the ultimate examples of mothers as they are so loving, have great senses of humor (i think that was a must to raise 9 and 7 kids respectively), can cook like nobodies business, are incredibly smart and versed in the arts, are ALWAYS there when you need someone to talk to, have incredible testimonies of the savior…the list could go on forever. love and thanks to the two of you from your youngest son/son in law and youngest daughter/daughter in law.

2008-05-02 Utah 0045-3

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Eyrealm said...

Hey Eli thanks for so many nice thoughts! I forgot about this fun picture. That Kathy is such a terrific person. I hope you were able to reach her in Brazil on Mother's Day. That would be a pretty good trick!

Sorry about the Jazz to the die-hard fan of the world!