Sunday, April 18, 2010


yo. it is springtime here in dc and it is so incredibly beautiful. after the crazy snow/ice and nasty winter, we forgot how incredibly green this place is. something about going outside and feeling warmth as you brace for the cold is just nice. we’ve been having fun trying to enjoy as much time as we can outside. there was the cherry blossom festival which was so beautiful, but so incredibly crowded as it happened to occur during spring break so it was dc people and tourist central. what a cool gift from the japanese people though, it is quite a phenomenon to just see white blossoms everywhere you look.

the nats are back. the season started (i am talking about the washington national baseball in case you’re lost). it is fun to have the crowds walking through our neighborhood as they head to the stadium, and hearing the roar of the stadium. hopefully they’ll pick it up this year with some new pitching and some pretty good players. we went and saw them play the red sox in the final exhibition game (i think the begged boston to come and play as they new it would bring a lot of people). sure enough, the park was sold out and sadly like 60% of the fans were decked out in red sox garb. i felt bad for the nats, so i left my red sox stuff home and wore my nats cap.

things are going good around here. it’s going to be a fun spring/summer. come and visit!

Spring 2010 086Spring 2010 026Spring 2010 024

this little guy was so awesome. he was taking a picture and so I made Julie run over and act like i was taking a picture of her so i could get a picture of him. it ended up looking even cooler as it looks like he is just taking a REALLY close up picture of julie.

Spring 2010 034Spring 2010 047

Spring 2010 071

nats vs. red sox

Spring 2010 061 Spring 2010 025

nothing like the green grass a the ball park to bring in the spring. get out and enjoy spring! oh, and pray for fesenko and koufus to turn into superstars by tomorrow night. read about julie’s bday below.


Eyrealm said...

Eli, what an EYE! How in the world do you consistently take such amazing pictures! Ahhh spring! These are absolutely gorgeous!

We're starting to see the rocks and dirt that were under the snow here! The elk have pretty much tromped our lawn into the ground. So far that is our best knowledge of spring. They did come and put some gravel in the giant potholes in our development yesterday. If we were going to be having your wedding reception here in 12 days as we did two years ago, we would be in deep trouble!

We're taking the cute Chinese couple on Augusta Way to dinner tonight at the East/West connection. They're terrific! They came to our fireside on Sunday night.

Charity said...

you are great.

and you're totally a hipster. cardigan + stubble.

aren't you glad mom and dad told you about the chinese couple??!?

can't wait to hang out with you guys in dc!!!