Sunday, October 25, 2009

Colors and our first visitors.


Whoa huh? This was the sunset tonight. I got up there a bit late, but it was one of those nights where the whole sky 360 degrees was pink and red and orange. So how are you doing? Life is good here in DC. It is so so so beautiful right now. Leaves on fire wherever you look. There have been some terrential downpours, but other than that, the fall weather has been fantastic. Julie finished school! The school part (going to class) of her semester is now done. So she has taken her last tests and gone to her last classes of college!!!!! Wahoo. Now, for the next 7 weeks she’ll be in the hospital working side by side with a preceptor (like a mentor nurse) and then she’ll be done! She’ll be an RN before we know it. So that is pretty exciting. She works 7am-7pm shifts yesterday and today (sat. and sun.) and has to do the same thing tomorrow. But such is life as a nurse I guess. She is loving it so for thought and really learning a lot. She seems to be working with a great preceptor and she’ll be learning a lot. This preceptorship is at a hospital in Arlington.

So last weekend my mom and dad came in town. Other than the fact that it didn’t stop raining the whole time they were here, we had a great time. Dad is reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown right now so we went on a tour of the Capitol, went to the Library of Congress, took a trip out to McLean to check up on Mom and Dad’s house there, ate some wicked good food, went to the East Gallery at the Smithsonian (modern), and they got to come to church with us. It was so fun to have some time with just the 4 of us and reminisce about their time here when they were about our age.

Here’s some pics from the good times.


The Rotunda. Dan Brown will tell you a thing or two about this painting. Hmm.

M&D in DC Oct1

Capitol tour. There is this beautiful new $700 million Capitol Vistor’s Center that is underground in front of the Capitol. It has been under construction forever, and wow, it is really cool. That building is amazing, it really makes you appreciate it more as there are exhibits that go through the history and majesty of the building. It was the first time I have been in there since I was an intern for Senator Hatch 4 years ago. The tourguide wasn’t near as exciting as I was when I was an intern (you see, I liked to keeps things interesting by mixing fact and fiction here and there), but it is always an awe inspiring thing to walk through there and to think about how lucky we are to live in such an amazing country…I think we all complain a little too easily lately. Ya, the economy’s rough, but man, this is an incredible country.

M&D in DC Oct

There’s a convenient tunnel between the Capitol and the Library of Congress. Holy Cow this building is amazing. DC has some truly amazing architecture, but the interior of this place might take the cake. I didn’t take a picture of the main reading room, which is SO beauty. Julie and I are excited to get library cards so that we can go in the main reading room.

M&D in DC Oct2

Sorry for all the collages, they are just a lot faster and easier. Food. This was one of the awesome restaurants that we ate at. This was French-Asian Fusion Restaurant. So Cool. I wish I had some more pics of the inside, like the 15 foot long fireplace/inset into the wall with the strip of fire coming out of the crystals. Those are roses on the wall. Really cool place. Come out and we’ll go there again, you’ll love it. We sat on couch/lounge chair things and just enjoyed some good food.

Mom and Dad got to come to church with us too and meet some of our new friends, and see how interesting the ward here is. It was so fun to have these guys here as our first visitors.


Like I said, it is full on autumn here and oh so pretty. Here is a pic as I walked home from church today.


And one last thing. Opening night is Wednesday!!!!


Charity Jade Eyre said...

YEAH!!! you guys are awesome. i'll come and go to that restaurant with you! you think rain is bad? it snowed in provo today!!

Charity Jade Eyre said...

p.s. i love you!

shawni said...

Awesome, guys. Love that you get to be there. I'm so jealous of the gorgeous colors!! Love, Shawni

Eyrealm said...

Hey guys, LOVE the pictures but you gotta do more of your totally awesome place Eli! Those stripes and that window are so cool, but you have to show Julie's headboard and your great modern kitchen, and even red, white and black motif! You have one hot place there!

Still I guess, the leaves are pretty awesome too! They are spectacular this time of year!

We loved our precious time together!