Sunday, October 04, 2009

As of late…

Fall is quite nice here in DC. The weather seems just about perfect every day – mid 70’s with a nice little breeze. Hopefully this keeps going on for a while. It has been an awesome conference weekend. We sat on the lawn next the Capitol and listened to a session on the iphone radio app. Enjoyed the others streaming on the internet here at home, and went to Priesthood at the church. Our ward here is awesome. We meet in an old Safeway (grocery store) building (converted into a church) near the Capitol. There are so many great people that we’ve met and we’re excited to get to know them and do whatever we can to help make the ward stronger. There’s a mix of lawyers, state dept., FBI, Dept. of Defense, Capitol Hillers, Grad students… all sorts of interesting people.

I’ve got to say one of my favorite parts about DC are the neighborhoods. There are so many different parts of the city that are all so unique in their own way. It has been a lot of fun as Julie and I have gone out and explored the various and we’ve barely cracked the surface. The other favorite part is how close we are to the mall and the museums and all the fun stuff going on there. We’re getting pretty excited for the fall leaves here. There are more trees in 10 square miles here that there are in the entire states of Nevada and AZ. I’m sure I will be posting some of those pics.

The least favorite part so far in the traffic and the roads. Whoever designed DC had some serious issues. I’ve heard that they were trying to make it hard for intruders to attack the Capitol. If that is the case, they did a heck of a job. The roads make no sense and they are always packed. Feels good to drive 7.3 miles in 90 minutes.

It’s exciting to be here with Jules on our own, blazing our own pathway. Julie has 2 weeks of school left at George Mason, then her Preceptorship at a hospital in VA, and then….Drumroll….she’ll finally be done!!!!!! In January she’ll take the NCLEX and become at RN. She’s going to be the most incredible nurse! I am so excited for all of the patient’s whose lives she’ll bless.

Here’s a few pics as of late:

Across America - First month in DC8

We live just a couple blocks from Nationals Park. Now, the Nats aren’t good per se, but nothing like catching a few innings of a big league game once a week or so. Watch out next year! The Nats finished on a 7 game win streak, and they have awesome mascots at the game.

Sep. - Oct

Then we went to Europe. It was so beautiful. Just kidding, this is the National Cathedral, and though it is brand new in comparison to cathedrals in Europe. It is beautiful, and has the same beauty and touch of Westminster or some of the European cathedrals I’ve been to. We went to Evensong there which was really cool. They were instating some new members of the cathedral hierarchy so we got to see that ceremony too. Interesting.


We went to the National Book Festival on the mall, 150,000 people and like 500 famous authors or something like that. Pretty cool to see that many people getting that excited about books. There were a bunch of speakers (authors) and then book signings. Even John Grisham was there.


Lots more pics coming soon. I promise we’ll put some of our apartment up soon too. It has taken us a lot longer than we had hoped to furnish the place. This week, I talked Julie into one of the most important investments for our place… (it is though, i mean, we went through our budget and planning and stuff on it today as it was hooked up to my computer).


As the first of the tour of our apartment. Here is the view from the roof. IMG_8651

and the other direction…


stay tuned…


Eyrealm said...

My gosh you guys have it made! I mean that TV just amazing...given your extreme propensity to save every dime Eli. We're proud of you! Beautiful place, beautiful evenits, beautiful people!

Bryan and Lis said...

WOW! What a view! We really MUST come visit.

Parley Baldwin said...

No Michael Crichton?!