Sunday, January 13, 2008

Jazzed Up

Well, Julie found the key to my heart. The Jazz. She totally surprised me for Christmas and got me and her tickets to see the Jazz and the Suns play. It doesn't get much better than that. She was so thoughtful, even thoughtful enough to talk with Dad and some of my friends to find out which game I would like the best. How sweet she is. On top of that, the Jazz walloped the Suns and there was a sweet bald guy behind us in this picture that I just noticed.

Last week it snowed a bunch during church and after trying to drive the big white sled up the hill for about 20 minutes, we resorted to walking up the hill. The big white sled I am referring to is the Mercedes. Rear wheel drive cars are the best thing that ever happened to the winter...especially when you are the driver. Julie came up and had a chance to meet Noah and we had a grand old time together. She has now met the whole family...which got me to thinking and we bought plane tickets to go down to San Diego next week to meet Julie's family. Well her parents and one sister and her family that live there. I am really excited to see what they are like, a little nervous at the same time. I guess I am just worried that her Dad might be like our Dad when it comes to meeting someone new. Man o man Dave, you got it bad.

Sitting by the fire after being out in a snowstorm. You gotta love that, and the fact that Julie is holding a camera for some reason.
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shawni said...

Can't wait to hear all about Julie's family.

shawni said...

Love you.

Cotter said...

cameron is really jealous about the suns and jazz game. when we were dating i made a sad attempt to get him tickets to a suns/ jazz game but i failed. way to go julie! (she sounds like a keeper!) oh and i didnt know she is from san diego! that is exciting! i love that cameron's family lives there so we can go visit!

Jonah and Aja Eyre said...

eli. your posts ALWAYS make me laugh really hard. thanks man.

Teddy and Scotty said...

Eli! It's Teddy and I have enjoyed so much looking through your blog, I saw it on Charity's and have been reading through all your sibling's as well! What an incredible family you have! I thought it would be fun to keep in touch. It sounds like you are doing awesome and are so happy. Cute girl too, by the way! Here is our blog address and we can keep in touch. Happy New Year! Hope to run into you sometime soon!