Thursday, January 03, 2008

A Mexican Christmas

We went, we saw, and we ate some sweet food (and as you might imagine, there was some really sweet and some that you looked at like "what the heck is that!?!").

Favorite Mexican Moments:

- Being with Josh, Tal, and Char...representing the singlehood of Eyrealm...along with good old mom and dad.

- Tal carrying his backpack with us everywhere cause he was worried the maids at the hotel would steal his Ipod touch.

- the people, the culture, their smiles or kindness.

-the kids in the villages, spending time with them

-the game of basketball we played on the newly painted court in the park we assisted students with their service project of cleaning up the park

-the river ride we went on on Christmas in a gorge with 3000 foot cliffs on either side. The sides covered in jungle complete with monkeys, crocodiles, and iguanas.

-jumping in that river.

-the tacos al pastor we had at "mustache" restaurant. mmm boy.

-San Cristobal, the beautiful Spanish Colonial town way up in the hills of Mexico

-Seeing the ancient ruins of Teotuachan (not sure how to spell that one)

-Wearing shorts on Christmas. Giving the gift of service.

-Getting to know the others on the trip

-Making sweet pictures with sparklers and time lapse

-Christmas Eve party at the Stake Center with members in Puebla.

-More firecrackers than you have ever heard in your life on Christmas Eve

-Choholo, the village where we stripped, sanitized, repainted, and turned into what will be a clinic for the village

-Walking through the paths of the village, seeing how happy the people were, in contrast to the fact that they had next to nothing.

-The picture of Tal and the Rooster

-Great talks with my siblings and parents.

-Huevos Rancheros

-being attacked by people decked out in native clothing trying to sell us stuff.

-seeing and listening to mom and dad speak englispanish complete with the hand motions. You know exactly what I mean. Just close your eyes and imagine it and I guarantee you will laugh.

Those are just a few of the highlights. It was an absolutely amazing trip. Thanks to Mom and Dad for making it happen, and allowing us to be a part of it.


Cotter said...

I was going to text you today about your lack of recent posts... I am glad I checked first! Sounds like a great Christmas!

Eyrealm said...

Hey kiddo, I'm glad we took you! Fun list of memories and terrific slideshow! I loved being removed from all the "stuff" and just concentrating on the real meaning of Christmas!

Jonah and Aja Eyre said...

Those pictures are mama jama awesome. great blog eli.

shawni said...

Love to hear all about it from your perspective. We're giving the new toaster oven a whirl right now. Wow these are going to be good cookies!