Saturday, October 12, 2013

A rainy morning inside

In a effort to stay better in touch with family and friends, Eli has suggested that I take on some of the blogging in our lives.  And although writing has not been my strong points in the past, here it goes.  

Here is a quick sense of what is going in my life right now.  I work one 7p-7a or 3-11pm shift a week. It is perfect for two reasons.  I totally miss Zara while I am gone and I appreciate my more full time job as a mom so much more.  And secondly, it has been so great for Zara and Eli's relationship (since he is the one to watch her).  I think they really enjoy that alone time.  Our summer has included lots of swimming (on the pool on our roof), park, splash park and other adventures in the DC area.

This week have been a little slow.  Because of the federal government shutdown, most of the museums near us are closed.  And I am pretty sure Zara is teething again. (I call her teething-whine-zilla.  Just kidding.  But really she just isn't quite herself with these first two teeth).  And in the last two days, there has been nonstop rain.  I used to like the occasional rainy day to curl up with a robe and a good book.  However, that gets old pretty fast when you have a Zara who is 10x happier when outside.  However, we are making the best of it and forging out of the house no matter what.  Especially since it looks like constant rain for the next two days.  And who am I kidding, might as well get used to it since winter is coming on.  Since summer was fairly nice this year, I am hoping the trend continues and fall lasts until December... :)

Here are a few things I am loving about being this girl's mom right now. 

I love waking up to this tiny bit of bed head each morning.  

She is constantly on her knees and I can't get enough of this view.
Baby feet can make one so happy.

Even if she is in the other room, I can open the dishwasher and Zara is there in a second.

The reflection of light in those blue eyes.

She is pulling herself up and walking along, but sometimes she gets stuck
and can't figure out how to get down.  She will put her hand out and make
noise until someone comes to help her. 

And this is just one of the many faces I think is to die for.

Happy Saturday!


jenn + michael said...

Jules. I love this post. Zara getting stuck and needing a hand is my favorite picture. So sweet!

Jessie said...

I am so glad that you're taking on some of the blog, you mommy blogger you! She's a beautiful little girl.

Jonah and Aja said...

You are a great writer! It's just one more talent that you are so nonchalant about, but you rock it totally.

Love seeing gorgeous little Zara. You made my night! What a darling! I think she misses Hawaii though... better hurry back!


bostonshumways said...

Oh Thanks so much for the update Julie! This totally made me smile. I miss that little Z. And you and Eli too. Can't wait for thanksgiving.

Eyrealm said...

LOVE this post! It's almost as good as being there! Keep blogging! Pics are awesome too! What a little joy!