Friday, March 23, 2012


Today is Julie’s 26th Birthday. I am particularly happy because Julie doesn’t have to work this year on her birthday like she did last year; meaning I get to take her out to breakfast – Julie’s birthday tradition (along with Strawberry Pie). Those of you who are reading this most likely know Julie…but right now I want to remind you all why she is so amazing.

  • Did you know that Julie is the world’s greatest nurse? She has this indescribable ability to connect with children…she can help a child go from crying to smiling in a matter of minutes. While I can’t necessarily go and observe Julie at work, I can easily envision it in my head. There she is in a very tough situation, dealing with children who are battling cancer and/or other sicknesses, and their families whose lives have been turned upside down, all signs pointing to frustration, stress, devastation, and struggle. Yet Julie brings the light of hope out of these children that rubs off on the families as they smile and laugh together and find ways to make a horrible situation just a little bit better. I know Julie is rolling her eyes as she reads this, but rest assured, this is what is happening.
  • I love Julie’s determination. I think this one can be directly attributed to being the youngest of seven kids and having older brothers that, well, toughened her up. When Julie sets her mind to something, it is going to happen. Whether it is running a half-marathon, taking on a difficult responsibility at work, or dealing with me every day, she just makes in happen.
  • Julie loves to travel. We share this passion. She loves to see new culture and experience the world. I am so lucky to have the world’s best travel partner who wants to see the world just as much as I do. I absolutely love that about Julie.
  • Julie is beautiful. She has an amazing sense of style.
  • Julie loves to read. She will inhale books. I am not always the best at this and she is such a good example of this. I know she will instill this love of books in our children.
  • Julie can roll with it. She is so low maintenance. She married into a well, let’s just say, interesting family full of very passionate people. She just rolls with it though. She can embrace new things, even if it isn’t what she is accustomed to.
  • She believes. Julie has an unshakeable belief in God and the Savior. Both on a simple scale as she teachers the sunbeams each week, and on a more deep scale as she shares what she learns through her personal study with me.
  • Julie has an awesome family. Such great people who are as kind and generous as they come and incredibly bright.

I think the thing I learned/recognized the most about Julie this year is that she has so much desire to do good in this life. Time and time again I see her finding ways to do good, she doesn’t care about the recognition one bit. I am so lucky to have Julie. She makes me so much better. I’d be lost without her. Happy Birthday Jules! Slap a comment on here about Julie if you feel so inclined.



Kerolann said...

Tell Julie Happy Birthday from us! Whenever Addie sees nail polish she talks about when Julie painted her toes last summer. Love you Ju Ju!

Jessie said...

Happy Birthday Julie! I wish I still knew that girl. Sounds like she found a lucky guy that really appreciates her.

kelsey said...

Julie is awesome! I love her relaxed attitude, her ability to always think of fun things to do, her go-get-em spirit, her example and testimony... Julie's the best!

Happy Birthday Julie!

shawni said...

I sure love that Julie!!

Eyrealm said...

We couldn't agree more! That girl is a treasure!

r o y a l said...

I love Julie. Everything she touches turns into Skittles.
The end.

r o y a l said...

If Julie weren't around, Harry Potter wouldn't have been able to defeat Voldemort.