Monday, September 12, 2011


We have learned here in DC over the last month or so - that nature is powerful - very powerful. From an earthquake, to a hurricane, to non-stop rain for 5 days - if nature wants to, it can. DC is a place where people get really worked up over news (rightfully so with all the crazy stuff that has happened here), so people were scrambling a bit to say the least. We must just be bad luck for DC. Since we got here a little over 2 years ago we've seen the following:

  • Snowmageddon - Craziest snow storm in recent history here 
  • like 3 other big blizzards
  • hottest summer last year
  • last summer was dethroned by this July being the hottest in history
  • earthquake and the pandemonium that followed - biggest one here in like 100 years - did you hear the Washington Monument is now slightly tilting (haha)
  • hurricane - who knew hurricanes came up this far north
  • terrential rain leftover from hurricane irene and tropical storm lee
  • flooding as a result of the rain

Hopefully things calm down a bit now and we can have a nice colorful fall. We've kind of been on summer vacation from blogland, but photos will come soon.

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mom said...

i must say that I'm so glad that all that was not "added upon" by a terrorist attack! Blessings counted!