Tuesday, February 15, 2011

3 years ago

The Engagemnet NYC Feb 08 048 

Three years ago to the day I somehow got Julie to New York on a red-eye - tricked her into to thinking she was going up in this building to meet a potential employer for me - then we kept going up and up until we made it to this spot. Arguably my favorite spot on earth - I got down on one knee and asked Julie to marry me (she said yes). I will never forget that moment. I cannot believe it has been 3 years. I love this girl.

Sorry I have been so terrible at blogging lately. We've been all over the place. Come back soon for pictures of our adventures in India. Life changing event. Also there's some new music over on the right...give the first couple of tracks a listen.


Eyrealm said...

LOVE it Eli! This reminds me that your three year anniversary is also coming up! What did we ever do without Julie!

Can't wait for those pictures. The other ones are up on deseretnews.com and then click on blogs. Thanks!

Jonah and Aja said...

i really like listeing to your music. the first 2 are crap though

Jonah and Aja said...

yankees suck!

Kate said...

I clicked on a link over to here from Shawni's blog through a DC post she made. My husband is going to be coming to DC for a 4 week long conference and we need to find a place to rent for just a month. Technically the conference is in Silver Spring MD but we have heard that several people stay in DC and even Virgina. Can you please email me at k8hunsaker@gmail.com I am trying to get some info on the area and am hoping to find someone with a basement/guest home/furnished apartment or home that we could stay in or rent. It would be so helpful to me as we have never been to DC thank you so so much!

richard said...

I like your eye E,
and I like your Julie!
And I love 555 Fifth.

shawni said...

Can't wait for the India pics!!