Sunday, October 03, 2010


We had an absolutely amazing time in Europe. We’ve been back a little more than a week now – it’s been crazy trying to get caught up after being gone – but I am finally getting all the photos on to my computer and getting ready to give you a blogocation (new word I made up where you go on vacation via blog). England was amazing – I love the city of London and it was so fun showing it to Julie. I have been scheming for a long time to live over there some day. This was my chance to show it off to Julie and get her thinking on the same wavelength. She likey. Besides the fact that we were in Harry Potter territory, she was soaking in the amazing city non stop. Next stop was Italy – wow, what a country full of amazing places and history and people that desperately need Old Spice commercials – can you seriously not smell that on yourself, I mean seriously. I am going to start working on the post of the whole trip – hopefully it won’t take too long and I can get it up tonight, if not in the next day or two.

Europe September 2010 114

Julie sat in this booth for hours hoping it was the same one from Harry Potter that takes you down to the Ministry of Magic. Surprisingly, she actually made it down there and had a great meeting with Cornelius Fudge. More to come soon…


r o y a l said...

please hurry. i have been DYING to see these pics.

and look, i'm even commenting on a non-julie post. that's how bad i want to see them. ;)

Jonah and Aja said...
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Jonah and Aja said...


I can't decide if you are really really funny or just really... um, MEAN! Don't mock HP or Voldemort will get you.

CAN'T WAIT for the rest of the blogcation and the awesome photos of architecture that i'm sure you took with your fancy camera.


Eyrealm said...

Thanks for the teaser! We can't wait to see the real thing! Thanks for taking such great care of Shawni and Lucy. Loved those pictures!

eyre blog said...

oh sweet! can't wait. I wish there was a way we could make it up to see you guys one last time. Maybe we'll pull up in the RV next month. you won't even have to make beds for us. heck you could join us int he parking lot.